How To Apply For High School In Canada Through Educatius Group

If you’re looking forward to apply for high school in Canada through Educatius Group, you’ve come to the right webpage for guidelines.

The Educatius Group assists foreign students who wish to attend prestigious Canadian high schools. Their knowledgeable staff supports international students at every stage.

Every person in Canada can find the ideal high school, including those in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Newfoundland. High schools offering STEM programs, sports academies, IB programs, or French immersion are all options.

Cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are safe and welcoming. Even those with a little command of the English language may be admitted.

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According to Educatius Group, Which High School is Best?

All around Canada, Educatius Group collaborate closely with public school systems, private high schools, and boarding institutions.

Their student advisors collaborate closely with parents and students to determine which school is best for each student’s objectives, background, and financial situation. You can pick the ideal district or school for you!

Search a List of Canadian High Schools Through Educatius Group website.

If Apply Through Educatius Group, Who Takes Care of the Students?

International students who are studying and living distant from home require a lot of assistance. With decades of expertise looking after students, Educatius Group is the largest organization in the world devoted to high school programs for overseas students.

Students reside with a properly vetted host family in Canada. Whether there is a problem before or after you arrive in Canada, their 100% Host Family Happiness Guarantee ensures that you are satisfied with your family placement.

You have the support of the entire Educatius Group company in addition to a loving family! Each of their Regional Managers manages an average of fewer than 10 students, ensuring that every student receives the attention they require.

They support the students in their Canadian Homestay and assist them in adjusting to life at school and in their community. For emergencies, their toll-free hotline is open around-the-clock.

What is the Canada High School Fees by Educatius Group?

Both their lodging with a Canadian host family and their high school tuition are covered by international students. The most crucial aspect of all is the knowledgeable continuing support and care that will ensure that young pupils are safe and achieve academic and social success throughout their program.

The length of study, location, and style of institution all affect how much a Canadian high school will cost. Public schools are less expensive than private and residential schools, while larger cities like Toronto are more expensive than rural areas.

The approximate cost of the high school package, which includes tuition, housing with a host family, ongoing supervision, and visa papers includes:

  • Public High School Semester Fees in Canada: $11,000 – $18,000 CAD / Semester.
  • Public High School Academic Year Fees in Canada: $21,000 – $33,000 CAD / Academic Year.
  • Private and Boarding High Schools Academic Year Fees in Canada: $34,000 – $59,000 CAD / Academic Year.

How to apply for high school in Canada through Educatius Group?

Contact Educatius Group today to start your application to a Canadian High School!

How To Apply For High School In Canada Through Educatius Group
How To Apply For High School In Canada Through Educatius Group

What is the requirement need to contact Educatius Group?

In contacting the Educatius Group on how to apply for high school in Canada, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Where are you from?
  • I am; Indicate if you’re an agent, host family, parent, student, school, or others.
  • Email address
  • Phone number (do include country code).
  • Write a brief comments or questions.
  • Lastly, submit.

How do I know that my information was received by Educatius Group?

To know if the information you submit to Educatius Group has been successfully received and attained, you’ll receive a message via email or phone number you submit upon contacting them.

From here, you can follow up your admission process into the high school in Canada via Educatius Group.

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