What is Really Flash Funding And How Does Flash Funding Work

The search for Flash Funding has two phases, one being to access working capital and another a typical fake bank alert SMS app that smart hackers used to send fake SMS alerts aimed at defrauding people.

Don’t really know what you heard about flash funding before searching to know what is all about, but this article tells about the two phases people might describe Flash Funding to you.

Here, we will discuss what flash funding is all about. Including the good and bad sides of the words “Flash Funding”.

Before we proceed, do note that this article team to differentiate what people really think about Flash Funding. We can only tell two phases of it which are; accessing working capital and sending fake bank alert SMS to people and defrauding them of their hard earn money.

How about

The website, they are based in Houston, Texas. They are a family-owned and operated company, led by experienced factoring professionals. Their main aim is to turn working capital into a flash invoice and also turn back the invoices into working capital in a flash. specializes in funding for the transportation, oil & gas, manufacturing, and staffing industry, offering the following:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Same-Day Funding
  • Free Credit Check Approvals
  • Fuel Cards
  • Non-Recourse Available
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • No Application Fees
  • No Monthly Minimums

They help in purchasing accounts receivable for ready cash, freeing businesses from having to wait to receive payment for their invoices and they will deposit the funds directly into your account the same day once received.

To get started with, they have 4 processes that are summarized as follows:

  1. Apply with
  2. They review customer credit.
  3. They buy your invoices.
  4. They transfer funds directly to you.

Learn more on how to get started with

The above discussed might be the good area of Flash Funding, let’s look at the bad side of Flash Funding below:

Why do people say that Flash Funding is a typical fake bank alert SMS app?

The bad side of Flash Funding in respect to; What is a fake bank alert? This is a scenario where a buyer arrives at your shop, or business premises, makes purchases, and decides to pay you via bank transfer.

To get hold of your money, you then make your bank account number available to the customer so as to effect the transfer. After the transfer has been done, the customer shows you a successful transaction on his phone screen.

Within or less than 24 hours on the other end, you probably receive a credit alert for the sum of the purchased goods, and the money will disappear from your account.

Flash Funding
Flash Funding

Flash funds a typical fake bank alert SMS app

This is a multifaceted software that has recently existed that fraudsters utilize to defraud their innocent and unaware victims.

Flash Funds is the enhanced version that allows sending fake bank alerts very easy and seamless or worse as you may be aware of other existing apps that already carry out this job, such as Xcaret100, CardCumbo, and their like.

According to the following arrangement, flash funds operate:

  • Sends fake bank alert to virtually all countries in the world, which means it has a widespread and has been updated to do even more.
  • It has over 200 templates from different banks, which makes it easier to identify, retrieve and trick customer’s detail in event to present such alerts in a well customized manner void of suspicion.

How does Flash Funding work?

To know how Flash Funding work, explain that to help public classrooms. it works using the following explains:

  • Funding is applied to all posted projects chosen by the donor.
  • You’ll get an email alerting you to the news that your project has been fully funded, outlining next steps.

If you still ask:

  • How can my project qualify for a flash funding?
  • How can I know about a flash funding before it occurs?
  • I think my project should have been flash funded, but I’m not seeing funding on my project. What should I do?
  • How can I thank the donor who flash funded my project?

Learn more about how Flash Funding works from Here, you will learn the good effect of Flash Funding and not the bad once.

What is really Flash Funding?

On my own opinion, Flash Funding is a Texas factoring company located in Houston that offers factoring services to growing companies throughout the United States.

Saying that Flash Funding is a typical fake bank alert SMS app I can really tell but that is not legal to do.


The information on this page those not state particularly whether Flash Funding is good or bad. However, the information on this page about Flash Funding is to give viewers an insight into what people see it as. Therefore, is now left for you to decide based on what you think Flash-Funding is. Following this page, we let you know that Flash Funding LCC is a company while Flash Funding in the other way round is a fraudulent character.

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