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Guide On Doing Dana Air Flight Booking Online

Review on Dana air online booking – Dana Airlines is a private sector owned Air transportation Company established in 2008. It commenced operation on 10th November 2008, and has continuously improved on their service delivery to customers by introducing flydanaair online booking system.

The airline seeks to attract travelers from within and outside Nigeria, who are particular about safety, quality, and affordable air transport. Therefore, her vision & mission are as follows:

Vision: “To be recognized and respected as Nigeria’s most reliable and customer – friendly airline”

Mission: “To earn the loyalty of our customers by consistently demonstrating our commitment to service and providing affordable regional air transport services that focus on innovation, quality, and service excellence”.

It is based on these that they offer passengers competitive fares and bring service to many under-served routes and communities. This has helped to establish some of these underserved regions as tourist destinations

Dana Air is committed to operating with the highest flight operational quality standards available in the industry, and to becoming an icon in the aviation industry.

From its hub at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Terminal 2, Dana Air currently operates domestically on the Lagos – Abuja; Lagos – Port Harcourt, Lagos – Uyo as well as the Port Harcourt – Abuja and Uyo – Abuja routes using its fleet of Boeing McDonnell 83 and Boeing B737-500 aircraft.

In addition to the scheduled flight operations, Dana Air also offers Executive Charter Services using a brand new Bombardier Learjet 45XR.

Planning a journey with dana airline company, this article will be guiding you on how to book your Dana flight online. Let’s go already!

How to Book Your Dana Flight.

steps to dana air flight booking online

You can do your dana airline online booking through her mobile app or via the dana air booking website. How to book your dana air flights on both platforms is what we’ll be discussing in this article. Let’s dive in!

Dana Air Flight Booking Via Her Website

To book your flight on Dana Air via the website, visit her website On the right hand of your screen, you will find a column with a heading as follows “Book Flight”.

Below the heading (inside the column), you will find two options side by side – Return and Oneway. Click “One way” if you wish to book a single flight. Select “Return” if you wish to book a round trip (to and from a destination).

The option selected determines the nature of the form you are to fill. If you select “One way”, a form will emerge. Select the place where you will prefer to catch the dana air flight. Select the destination you are travelling to. After that, select your preferred date of departure.

Below the column for selecting your departure date, is a column to provide the details of the traveler. Please fill in the number of Adults, Children and infants you are booking dana airline trip for. Then click on the find flight button. You will be directed to a “Choose flight section”.

On the Choose flight section, you will find the various flights available on your selected date of travelling. In this section, you will have the opportunity to pick the time you wish to travel and the section of the plane you wish to travel in.

The sections available are the Economy discount, Economy Saver, Economy Flexible, Business Saver, and Business Flexible. Each of these sections has a different price tag attached to them.

After selecting the time of departure and section of the plane you wish to travel, click on the “Continue” button at the right hand of your screen just below the column for selecting the time of flight.

You will be directed to another section, The Travel Itinerary Page. Below that, is the Pricing details, and the Terms and Conditions.  Read the terms and conditions, and tick the “I Agree to the terms and conditions” box at the end of the page.

Then select the “Continue” button at the right hand of your screen, below the terms and conditions page.

Beside the continue button is the “Change Flight” button. Select this button if you wish to go back to a previous page to adjust your dana air flight booking.

If you select the continue button, you will be led to the next stage where you will find a form to enter the personal details of the passenger travelling.

Fill-in the passengers name, date of birth, Phone number(s), email address, and then select the option of receiving a flight reminder, and how you wish to receive it. After providing these details, below the page you will find three buttons available.

On the left-hand side, you will find the “Start a New Search” button. Click on it if you want to book another flight, whether a new or extra one.

Another button available at the middle of the bottom of the form is the “Book and Hold” option. If you click on it, a seat will be reserved for you in the section you selected earlier. However if you do not pay for the seat within 24 hours after booking the dana air flight, the seat could be reassigned to another passenger.

The final button at the bottom of the form is the “Pay Now” option. Click on it if you wish to pay for a seat in the section of the dana airline you chose. After payment, printout your receipt, as it would be used for your check-in, at the Airport.

After payment, you could also select your seat, in the section of the dana airline you chose earlier.

N/B: The process for booking dana air roundtrip and single trip is same.The only difference is that you will be providing details for both trips (to and from), when filling the forms, and you will be paying for both at once.

Dana Air Flight Booking Via Mobile App

To do the dana air flight booking via her mobile app, you’ll need to have the Dana Air Mobile App installed on your mobile device (such as phone, tablet or others). If you do not have it, visit Google Play store to download and install one.

When you launch the dana air mobile app (after installation), you will find four options on the homepage. They are as follows:

  • Book Flight
  • My Flights
  • Check-in
  • Boarding Pass

Click on the “Book Flight” option if you want to book dana air flight online.

The same steps for booking flights on the website applies when you click on the “Book Flight” button on the Dana mobile app. So, follow the steps mentioned above, when booking your flights via Dana Mobile App.

Dana mobile app also allows users to check-in, access their boarding pass, etc. If you are tech savvy, it will be a good decision to download the app and start accessing the benefits it offers.


Dana airline booking online is very easy and could be done by anybody who can read. After reading this article, you have been equipped with all relevant information needed to easily book your dana air flight.

If you encounter any problems while booking your dana air online, contact their customer service team via email at Alternatively, via phone call at 01-280-9992, 01-280-9888, and 07003593262.

Thanks for reading through and do have a safe trip with dana airline!

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