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How To Apply For Indeed Jobs, Step By Step Guide

Are you an Indeed jobs seeker looking for how to apply for Indeed jobs? Or asking how can we make applying for jobs on Indeed? Is Indeed free for job seekers? Can you apply from Indeed? How can I apply this job with indeed?

With Indeed, you can search for millions of jobs online to find the next step in your career. With tools for job search, resumes, company reviews, and more. To do this, Indeed hire Indeedians (people) of all backgrounds to mirror the job seekers they support.

With this, that’s why Inclusion and Belonging are the core values inside the Indeed platform.

What is Indeed Apply?

Want to know the use of a feature called Indeed Apply, companies may boost the number of applications they receive from job seekers while also improving the quality of their pool of candidates.

Additionally, job searchers may apply quickly with Indeed Jobs Apply by utilizing an Indeed Resume. How to post jobs Indeed featured, search jobs on Indeed website you’ll learn here.

What are the benefits of Indeed Apply?

  • For a better candidate experience, Indeed Apply offers a shortened application procedure.
  • A simple, mobile-friendly application process is provided by Indeed Apply.
  • There are fewer obstacles to submitting an application, and the number of candidates rises.
  • To make it evident to job seekers which positions support the Indeed Apply application method, Indeed prominently labels jobs with the Indeed Apply application method in its search results. Easily Apply, Apply using your Indeed resume, and other phrases might be used.
  • Through your Performance Report, you can keep track of how many applications you receive from Indeed.
  • Applications are delivered to your employer account’s “Candidates” tab or returned to your ATS (if an integration is available through partner integrated ATS or directly via your own ATS).
  • Indeed Apply is freely accessible throughout the world.

The Versions of Indeed Apply

 Using integrationJob hosted on IndeedEmail delivery
Job posting hosting locationEmployer ATSIndeed.comAny
Jobs eligibleJobs hosted within these ATS systems or employer’s own ATSAllAny job that includes employer email address in job information   (Contact your Client Success Specialist)

How to apply for Indeed Jobs

To apply for Indeed jobs start by searching for jobs on the Indeed website:

How To Apply For Indeed Jobs
How To Apply For Indeed Jobs

How to Start Searching for Jobs

When you visit Indeed website, you will see a simple search engine search bar where you can the enter keywords to find job vacancies on Indeed. Enter terms like job titles, company names, career fields, skills, and certifications in the box labeled “What” and cities, zip codes, or states in the box labeled “Where.”

After entering keywords, click on “Find Jobs” button to the right of the search boxes to generate a list of Indeed jobs matching the terms you entered.

You can also use the advance search tool to search for Indeed Jobs. See steps below:

Advanced Search Options to find jobs in Indeed

Indeed job seekers who want a more specialized list of openings can drill down. So, on the following page, click “Advanced Job Search” next to the “Find Jobs” option to conduct an advanced job search.

With the help of this tool, users can sort jobs in Indeed website by the specific keyword or phrase, company name, job type (internship, full-time, temporary, part-time), pay range, and posting date.

Additionally, you can decide whether to include or remove job postings from staffing agencies and only look at positions advertised on employer websites or on job boards.

Note, if location is important to you, you can also filter by various distances from a zip code, city, or state.

After filling in the advanced boxes on the Indeed website, click on the “Find Jobs” button on the lower right of the page to find a list of jobs corresponding to your specifications.

How to Apply for a Job on Indeed

You’ll receive a list of jobs after searching. The job title, employer name, location, and a short description will all be listed on each job posting.

To get started with the Indeed Jobs application, follow the steps below:

Click on the Job Title

A more thorough job description can be seen by clicking on the bold job title. A new window containing the job listing page will appear when you click on the job title. You may see the position’s requirements, location, and job description.

Easily Apply Indeed Jobs

In order to apply for the jobs on Indeed website, follow the instructions posted in the job description:

  • Some job listings on will have a blue button with the words “Easily apply” next to it in the list of open positions.
  • This implies that you can immediately apply to them through Indeed.
  • You can view the complete listing by clicking on the bold job title or the blue button.
  • To access a pop-up Indeed page where you can upload your resume and cover letter, click the “Apply Now” button.

If you are logged in to Indeed before, your name, contact information, and resume will already be uploaded.

Apply on the Company’s Website

A button that directs you to the employer’s website is present on job posts that do not state “Apply directly” on Indeed website.

Typically, you will use the company’s website to complete an application and/or upload your CV and cover letter.

Posting a Resume on Indeed Website when applying for Job in Indeed

Additionally, posting resumes is encouraged so that users may help employers find people jobs in Indeed.

Also, making your resume on Indeed website is possible if you log in. And if you make your CV available to the public, potential employers can view it and get in touch with you about positions.

Trying to find a job while working? There is no need to run the danger of your current employer finding your resume when scanning the website. You can upload your resume while applying for employment even though it won’t be seen to anyone if you make it private.

But note that if you’re making your resume private, be sure that you do not include your phone number or email address in the resume itself.

Get New Job Notifications from Indeed

To receive email notifications or alerts about new opportunities that fit their search criteria, job searchers can register with Indeed. Two methods exist for doing this:

  • You can choose “Email preferences” from the drop-down menu by first clicking on the person icon in the top right corner of the page after logging in. There, you have the option to select whether to get emails and notifications with suggestions based on the jobs you click on.
  • Second, you can register for notifications in Indeed while conducting a job search. Click “Activate” after entering your email address where it is asked for on the right side of the screen. When you click on it, emails containing details on jobs relevant to that particular job search will be sent to you.

Find out more about setting up job alerts.

How to apply for Job on Indeed using the Mobile App

Utilizing the mobile app is another way to browse and apply for jobs on Indeed. You may use your mobile device to look for employment, publish a resume, receive alerts when new positions become available, and apply for them. It is free for iPhone and Android users.

Indeed mobile app also keeps track of the positions you’ve applied for, are interviewing for, and registers employment offers as soon as you accept them. Additionally, it suggests positions that are comparable to those that have already caught your attention, and it lets you follow employers so that you’ll be the first to learn when your ideal firm is recruiting.

Final Thought

With over 250 million monthly users, is currently the top job portal on the internet. The website searches the internet and compiles job listings from career websites and business websites.

The process of applying for a job on Indeed is rather simple. Learn how to use Indeed to look for jobs, submit applications, and upload your resume. If this article helps you in getting your desired job on Indeed, let us know in the comment box.

Also, do let us know how far you have gone processing/applying Indeed Jobs. Was it successful? Do you still find it difficult on how to apply for a job on Indeed? We are waiting for your questions.

Hope you now know how to apply for Indeed Jobs.

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