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Complete List Of All Cyprus Postal Code

Do you want to know Cyprus postal code lookup? Find in the page the 1,124 Postal Codes in Cyprus. The postcode Cyprus in this page, you’ll find Cyprus addresses by postal code, also find all Cyprus postal codes.

If you ask does Cyprus have postal code? Or does Cyprus have zip codes? What is Limassol postcode? What is North Cyprus postal code? What is the postal code for Larnaca Cyprus? All this you will find out in this page.

This page is the Cyprus zip code finder that will give you the complete list of all zip codes in Cyprus.

When was the 4 digit Cyprus post codes introduced?

The four digit post codes in Cyprus were introduced on 1 October 1994. The Cyprus Zip Code system is organised around the six administrative districts for local government on the island, with each district allocated a numerical range.

Most of the four digit numbers are allocated to small geographic areas, such as streets, urban communes or villages, although some are reserved for government use.

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Cyprus Zip Code by District

  • Nicosia District: from 1000 to 2999
  • Limassol District: from 3000 to 4999
  • Famagusta District: from 5000 to 5999
  • Larnaca District: from 6000 to 7999
  • Paphos District: from 8000 to 8999
  • Kyrenia District: from 9000 to 9999

Only the (internationally recognized) Republic of Cyprus utilizes this postcode system as a result of Cyprus division. Mail should be sent to via Mersin 10, TURKEY via Mersin in southern Turkey instead of the Turkish-controlled portion of Northern Cyprus.

However, five-digit postcodes with a structure similar to that of Turkey were established in northern Cyprus in 2013, with the first two digits being 99 and the final three denoting the locality.

Although the Cypriot communities within these two British Sovereign Base Areas (or SBAs) utilize the Cyprus postcode system, Akrotiri and Dhekelia are not a part of the Republic of Cyprus.

The British Forces Post Office numbers, BFPO 57 for Akrotiri and BFPO 58 for Dhekelia, are used by British military organizations and people.

Cyprus zip code format

Cyprus address example, the address format for Cyprus postal code, note that the Cyprus post requires the ISO-2 country code to be used on all inbound cross border mail while for domestic mail, ISO-2 code and country name are not required.

See an example of the Cyprus postcode format is shown in the image below:

Cyprus zip code format
Cyprus zip code format

A list of all Cyprus postcode

The table contains all Zip code list in Cyprus alongside city in Cyprus, administrative region in Cyprus, and also city population in Cyprus.

Cyprus zip code list

Below are all the postcodes in Cyprus:

Cyprus Postal CodeCity in CyprusAdministrative Region in CyprusCity Population in Cyprus
0392Ortaköy, NicosiaNicosia District
1010NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1011NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1015NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1016NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1017NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1020NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1021NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1022NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1025NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1026NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1027NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1028NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1035NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1036NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1037NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1040NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1041NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1042NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1045NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1046NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1047NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1048NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1049NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1055NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1056NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1057NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1060NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1061NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1065NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1066NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1070NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1071NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1075NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1076NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1077NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1080NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1081NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1082NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1085NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1086NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1087NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1090NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1095NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1096NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1097NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1100NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1101NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1102NicosiaNicosia District200,452
1105NicosiaNicosia District200,452
4181YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4182YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4183YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4184YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4185YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4186YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4187YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4188YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4189YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4190YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4191YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4192YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4193YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4194YpsonasLimassol District7,348
4500KellakiLimassol District282
4501AkapnouLimassol District27
4502AsgataLimassol District406
4503Limassol District
4504Limassol District
4505Prastio (Avdimou)Limassol District
4506EptagoneiaLimassol District343
4507KlonariLimassol District18
4508Moni, CyprusLimassol District403
4509ViklaLimassol District
4510SanidaLimassol District46
4511Limassol District
4520ParekklisiaLimassol District1,382
4521Limassol District
4522AkrountaLimassol District360
4523Armenochori, CyprusLimassol District174
4524MonagroulliLimassol District492
4525Moni, CyprusLimassol District403
4526Agios Georgios, LimassolLimassol District
4527MouttagiakaLimassol District2,818
4528PentakomoLarnaca District
4529Pyrgos, LimassolLimassol District1,407
4530FoinikariaLimassol District254
4532Agios TychonasLarnaca District2,204
4533Limassol District
4534Pyrgos, LimassolLimassol District1,407
4540ParamythaLimassol District343
4541ApesiaLimassol District342
4542ApsiouLimassol District198
4543Gerasa, CyprusLimassol District85
4544KapilioLimassol District31
4545KorfiLimassol District173
4546Limnatis, LimassolLimassol District272
4547Limassol District
4548Moni, CyprusLimassol District403
4549PalodeiaLimassol District762
4550SpitaliLimassol District196
4551Fasoula, LimassolLimassol District
4552KorfiLimassol District173
4560LouvarasLimassol District408
4561Agios Konstantinos, CyprusLimassol District169
4562Agios Pavlos, CyprusLimassol District157
4563ArakapasLimassol District304
4564DieronaLimassol District279
4565ZoopigiLimassol District207
4566Limassol District
4567AthrakósLimassol District
4568Limassol District
4569SykopetraLimassol District141
4600AvdimouLimassol District641
4601Prastio (Avdimou)Limassol District
4602AlektoraLimassol District80
4603AnogyraLimassol District255
4604Limassol District
4605PlatanisteiaLimassol District45
4606Agios Thomas, CyprusLimassol District30
4607PissouriLimassol District1,078
4608PissouriLimassol District1,078
4620Episkopi, LimassolLimassol District
4630ErimiLimassol District1,493
4631KantoúLimassol District465
4632KolossiLarnaca District3,846
4633Sotira, LimassolLimassol District4,444
4634Sotira, LimassolLimassol District4,444
4635Limassol District
4636KolossiLarnaca District3,846
4640Limassol District
4645Asomatos, LimassolLimassol District403
4650Limassol District
4651Limassol District
4652Limassol District
4653Limassol District
4700PachnaLimassol District1,008
4710Limassol District
4711Agios TheraponLimassol District159
4712AlassaLimassol District210
4713TserkezoiLimassol District
4714Limassol District
4715Limassol District
4716LofouLimassol District10
4717Souni–ZanatziaLimassol District
4730TrimikliniLimassol District174
4740Agios Georgios, LimassolLimassol District
4741Agios MamasLimassol District110
4742SilikouLimassol District102
8654FaleiaPaphos District4
8700DhroushaPaphos District403
8701AndrolykouPaphos District
8702Káto AródesPaphos District
8703Káto AródesPaphos District
8704Inia, PaphosPaphos District367
8705Káto AródesPaphos District
8706AndrolykouPaphos District
8720GiolouPaphos District764
8721Paphos District
8722Paphos District
8723TheletraPaphos District185
8724Terra, CyprusPaphos District
8725LoukrounouPaphos District
8726MiliouPaphos District85
8727Paphos District
8728SkoulliPaphos District80
8729Terra, CyprusPaphos District
8730Choli, CyprusPaphos District
8740Lasa, CyprusPaphos District95
8741Agios DimitrianosPaphos District86
8742DrymouPaphos District96
8743Paphos District
8744Milia, PaphosPaphos District5
8745Paphos District
8746KannaviouPaphos District169
8747Kritou MarottouPaphos District64
8748FytiPaphos District101
8749Psathi, CyprusPaphos District103
8800LysosPaphos District
8801KinousaPaphos District75
8802Paphos District
8803KinousaPaphos District75
8804Paphos District
8805EvretouPaphos District5
8806Paphos District
8807Istinjon, CyprusPaphos District
8808MeladeiaPaphos District20
8809Melandra, CyprusPaphos District
8810Peristerona, PaphosPaphos District
8811Paphos District
8812Paphos District
8813TrimithousaPaphos District
8814Sarama, CyprusPaphos District
8820Polis, CyprusPaphos District1,975
8830Paphos District
8840LatchiPaphos District
8850Goudi, CyprusPaphos District163
8851KaramoullidesPaphos District47
8852Paphos District
8853Paphos District
8854Paphos District
8855Polis, CyprusPaphos District1,975
8870PomosPaphos District593
8871MakountaPaphos District51
8872Agios Isidoros, CyprusPaphos District10
8873ArgakaPaphos District828
8874Nea DimmataPaphos District6
8875GialiaPaphos District148
8876KinousaPaphos District75
8877KinousaPaphos District75
8878Paphos District
8879MakountaPaphos District51
8880Paphos District
8881Nea DimmataPaphos District6
8882PelathousaPaphos District51
8883Paphos District
8884SteniPaphos District110
9200KaravasKyrenia District
9300LapithosKyrenia District5,215
9500Agios EpiktitosKyrenia District
9510ThermeiaKyrenia District
9511KazafaniKyrenia District
9512KazafaniKyrenia District
9513Karmi, CyprusKyrenia District
9514BellapaisKyrenia District
9515TemplosKyrenia District
9516TrimithiKyrenia District
9530NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9540NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9541NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9542VounoKyrenia District
9543NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9544KoutsovendisKyrenia District
9545Krini, CyprusKyrenia District
9546NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9547NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9548NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9549SychariKyrenia District
9550NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9551FottaKyrenia District
9560Ágios AmvrósiosKyrenia District
9571KalograiaKyrenia District
9572KlepiniKyrenia District
9573NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9574NicosiaNicosia District200,452
9575Trapeza, CyprusKyrenia District
9576NicosiaNicosia District200,452
a-z list of all Cyprus postal code

Cyprus zip code map

This map shows the Cyprus postal code area:

cyprus zip code map
Cyprus zip code map

How do I find Cyprus Postcode Here?

If you’ve come to this page, finding the Cyprus zip code you seek for is pretty easy. To get stated, scroll the table down or up to locate the postal code in Cyprus you want to find.

Alternatively, search for the Cyprus zip code by city on this page using the city/region name. This will enable you lookup Cyprus postal code quickly on this page. With this post, you can view a list of Postal Codes in Cyprus. If there are any questions, do let us know in the comment box below:

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