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Complete List Of All United Kingdom Postal Code

Are you in search of the United Kingdom Postal Code? Here, you will find the complete list of all UK zip code. The postcode in the UK usually consists of 2 alphanumeric codes that identify a post town and a few addresses within it.

The Outward code (Outcode) contains two to four characters while the Inward code (Incode) always contains three. The Outcode identifies the postcode area. It starts with 1 or 2 letters and ends with 1, 2, or 3 digits.

Then there’s a space, followed by the Incode, which denotes the sector and delivery location (usually a group of around 15 addresses). This three-character incode begins with a number (which denotes a district sector) and concludes with two letters (denoting delivery points that are allocated to streets, sides of a street, or individual properties).

B for Birmingham is an example of a postcode that is usually, but not always, named after a big city. Some are descriptive, such as HS for the Outer Hebrides and FY for the Fylde (the region around Blackpool).

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What is UK Postal code

UK Zip code, UK postal code or UK postcode are 6-8 digit that consist of letters and numbers, United Kingdom zip code is use for UK addressing and delivery system.

Great Britain Zip Code Format (United Kingdom)

Zip postal code Great Britain is alphanumeric and rang between 6 and 8 characters long (including a space). In each UK postcode, a single space separates the outward code from the inward code.

The outer code in United Kingdom Postal Code is made up of the postcode area and district. The postcode sector and unit are the inward codes. “SW1W 0NY”, “PO16 7GZ”, “GU16 7HF”, and “L1 8JQ” are some of the UK postal codes format.

UK zip code list below will not only show you Zip codes in United Kingdom but also city in UK and zip code. The United Kingdom postal code table includes state, town/city and United Kingdom Postcode.

Postal Codes, United Kingdom

List of all Postal Codes, United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom Postal Code List

There is about 300 Postal Code in United Kingdom. The table below contains the list of all United Kingdom Zip code:

CountryStateTown/CityThe United Kingdom Zip codes
United KingdomCanterburyAshCT3
United KingdomEnglandAb KettlebyLE14
United KingdomEnglandAbbas CombeBA8
United KingdomEnglandAbberleyWR6
United KingdomEnglandAbbertonWR10
United KingdomEnglandAbbertonCO5
United KingdomEnglandAbbess RodingCM5
United KingdomEnglandAbbey DoreHR2
United KingdomEnglandAbbey HillMK77
United KingdomEnglandAbbey HultonST2
United KingdomEnglandAbbey RoadNW8
United KingdomEnglandAbbey VillagePR6
United KingdomEnglandAbbey WardCB21
United KingdomEnglandAbbey WardCB22
United KingdomEnglandAbbey WardCB25
United KingdomEnglandAbbey WardCB23
United KingdomEnglandAbbey WardCB24
United KingdomEnglandAbbey WoodSE2
United KingdomEnglandAbbeysteadLA2
United KingdomEnglandAbbot’s SalfordWR11
United KingdomEnglandAbbots BickingtonEX22
United KingdomEnglandAbbots BromleyWS15
United KingdomEnglandAbbots LangleyWD2
United KingdomEnglandAbbots LeighBS8
United KingdomEnglandAbbots MortonWR7
United KingdomEnglandAbbotsburyDT3
United KingdomEnglandAbbotshamEX39
United KingdomEnglandAbbotskerswellTQ12
United KingdomEnglandAbbotsleyPE19
United KingdomEnglandAbbotts AnnSP11
United KingdomEnglandAbbottswoodSO51
United KingdomEnglandAberfordLS25
United KingdomEnglandAbingdonOX14
United KingdomEnglandAbinger CommonRH5
United KingdomEnglandAbinger HammerRH5
United KingdomEnglandAbington PigottsSG8
United KingdomEnglandAbingworthRH20
United KingdomEnglandAblingtonGL7
United KingdomEnglandAbramWN2
United KingdomEnglandAbridgeRM4
United KingdomEnglandAbsonBS30
United KingdomEnglandAbthorpeNN12
United KingdomEnglandAbyLN13
United KingdomEnglandAcaster MalbisYO23
United KingdomEnglandAccringtonBB5
United KingdomEnglandAchurchPE8
United KingdomEnglandAcklamTS5
United KingdomEnglandAcklamYO17
United KingdomEnglandAckletonWV6
United KingdomEnglandAcktonWF7
United KingdomEnglandAckworth Moor TopWF7
United KingdomEnglandAcleNR13
United KingdomEnglandAcock’s GreenB27
United KingdomEnglandAcolCT7
United KingdomEnglandAcombNE46
United KingdomEnglandAconburyHR2
United KingdomEnglandAcreBB5
United KingdomEnglandAcrise PlaceCT18
United KingdomEnglandActonCW5
United KingdomEnglandActonDY13
United KingdomEnglandActonW3
United KingdomEnglandActonCO10
United KingdomEnglandActonSY9
United KingdomEnglandActon BeauchampWR6
United KingdomEnglandActon BridgeCW8
United KingdomEnglandActon GreenW4
United KingdomEnglandActon GreenWR6
United KingdomEnglandActon RoundWV16
United KingdomEnglandActon ScottSY6
United KingdomEnglandActon TownW5
United KingdomEnglandActon TrussellST18
United KingdomEnglandActon TurvilleGL9
United KingdomEnglandAdbastonST20
United KingdomEnglandAdberDT9
United KingdomEnglandAdderburyOX17
United KingdomEnglandAdderleyTF9
United KingdomEnglandAddinghamLS29
United KingdomEnglandAddingtonMK18
United KingdomEnglandAddingtonCR0
United KingdomEnglandAddingtonME19
United KingdomEnglandAddlestoneKT15
United KingdomEnglandAddlethorpePE24
United KingdomEnglandAdelLS16
United KingdomEnglandAdeneyTF10
United KingdomEnglandAdishamCT3
United KingdomEnglandAdlestropGL56
United KingdomEnglandAdlingfleetDN14
United KingdomEnglandAdlingtonSK10
United KingdomEnglandAdlingtonBL6
United KingdomEnglandAdmastonTF5
United KingdomEnglandAdmastonWS15
United KingdomEnglandAdmingtonCV36
United KingdomEnglandAdsboroughTA2
United KingdomEnglandAdstockMK18
United KingdomEnglandAdstoneNN12
United KingdomEnglandAdversaneRH14
United KingdomEnglandAdwaltonBD11
United KingdomEnglandAdwellOX9
United KingdomEnglandAdwick Le StreetDN6
United KingdomEnglandAdwick Upon DearneS64
United KingdomEnglandAffpuddleDT2
United KingdomEnglandAgglethorpeDL8
United KingdomEnglandAigburthL17
United KingdomEnglandAikeYO25
United KingdomEnglandAiketgateCA4
United KingdomEnglandAiktonCA7
United KingdomEnglandAilsworthPE5
United KingdomEnglandAinderby QuernhowYO7
United KingdomEnglandAinderby SteepleDL7
United KingdomEnglandAingers GreenCO7
United KingdomEnglandAinsdalePR8
United KingdomEnglandAinstableCA4
United KingdomEnglandAinsworthBL2
United KingdomEnglandAinthorpeYO21
United KingdomEnglandAintreeL10
United KingdomEnglandAirmynDN14
United KingdomEnglandAirtonBD23
United KingdomEnglandAisbyNG32
United KingdomEnglandAiskewDL8
United KingdomEnglandAislabyYO18
United KingdomEnglandAkeleyMK18
United KingdomEnglandAkenhamIP1
United KingdomEnglandAlbastonPL18
United KingdomEnglandAlbourneBN6
United KingdomEnglandAlbrightonWV7
United KingdomEnglandAlburghIP20
United KingdomEnglandAlburySG11
United KingdomEnglandAlburyGU5
United KingdomEnglandAlbury HeathGU5
United KingdomEnglandAlby HillNR11
United KingdomEnglandAlcastonSY6
United KingdomEnglandAlcesterB49
United KingdomEnglandAlcistonBN26
United KingdomEnglandAlcombeTA24
United KingdomEnglandAldboroughNR11
United KingdomEnglandAldbourneSN8
United KingdomEnglandAldbroughHU11
United KingdomEnglandAldbrough St JohnDL11
United KingdomEnglandAldburghHG4
United KingdomEnglandAldburyHP23
United KingdomEnglandAldeburghIP15
United KingdomEnglandAldebyNR34
United KingdomEnglandAldenhamWD2
United KingdomEnglandAlderburySP5
United KingdomEnglandAlderfordNR9
United KingdomEnglandAlderholtSP6
United KingdomEnglandAlderleyGL12
United KingdomEnglandAlderley EdgeSK9
United KingdomEnglandAlderman’s GreenCV2
United KingdomEnglandAldermastonRG7
United KingdomEnglandAldermaston SokeRG7
United KingdomEnglandAldermaston WharfRG7
United KingdomEnglandAlderminsterCV37
United KingdomEnglandAldersbrookE12
United KingdomEnglandAldersey GreenCH3
United KingdomEnglandAldersgateEC1
United KingdomEnglandAldershotGU12
United KingdomEnglandAldertonNN12
United KingdomEnglandAldertonIP12
United KingdomEnglandAldertonGL20
United KingdomEnglandAldertonSN14
United KingdomEnglandAlderwasleyDE56
United KingdomEnglandAldfieldHG4
United KingdomEnglandAldfordCH3
United KingdomEnglandAldgateEC3
United KingdomEnglandAldgate EastE1
United KingdomEnglandAldhamCO6
United KingdomEnglandAldhamIP7
United KingdomEnglandAldingbournePO20
United KingdomEnglandAldinghamLA12
United KingdomEnglandAldingtonWR11
United KingdomEnglandAldingtonTN25
United KingdomEnglandAldrethCB6
United KingdomEnglandAldridgeWS9
United KingdomEnglandAldringhamIP16
United KingdomEnglandAldroYO17
United KingdomEnglandAldsworthGL54
United KingdomEnglandAldwarkDE4
United KingdomEnglandAldwickPO21
United KingdomEnglandAldwincleNN14
United KingdomEnglandAldworthRG8
United KingdomEnglandAldwychWC2
United KingdomEnglandAlexandra PalaceN22
United KingdomEnglandAlexandra ParkN22
United KingdomEnglandAlfardisworthyEX22
United KingdomEnglandAlfingtonEX11
United KingdomEnglandAlfoldGU6
United KingdomEnglandAlfold CrosswaysGU6
United KingdomEnglandAlfordLN13
United KingdomEnglandAlfordBA7
United KingdomEnglandAlfretonDE55
United KingdomEnglandAlfrickWR6
United KingdomEnglandAlfristonBN26
United KingdomEnglandAlgarkirkPE20
United KingdomEnglandAlhamptonBA4
United KingdomEnglandAlkboroughDN15
United KingdomEnglandAlkertonOX15
United KingdomEnglandAlkhamCT15
United KingdomEnglandAlkmontonDE6
United KingdomEnglandAll CanningsSN10
United KingdomEnglandAll SaintsE14
United KingdomEnglandAll Saints South ElmhamIP19
United KingdomEnglandAll StrettonSY6
United KingdomEnglandAllaleighTQ9
United KingdomEnglandAllen’s GreenCM21
United KingdomEnglandAllendale TownNE47
United KingdomEnglandAllenheadsNE47
United KingdomEnglandAllensfordDH8
United KingdomEnglandAllensmoreHR2
United KingdomEnglandAllerTA10
United KingdomEnglandAllerfordEX20
United KingdomEnglandAllerfordTA24
United KingdomEnglandAllerstonYO18
United KingdomEnglandAllertonBD15
United KingdomEnglandAllertonL18
United KingdomEnglandAllerton BywaterWF10
United KingdomEnglandAllesleyCV5
United KingdomEnglandAllestreeDE22
United KingdomEnglandAllextonLE15
United KingdomEnglandAllgreaveSK11
United KingdomEnglandAllhallowsME3
United KingdomEnglandAllimore GreenST18
United KingdomEnglandAllingtonSP4
United KingdomEnglandAllingtonNG32
United KingdomEnglandAllingtonSN10
United KingdomEnglandAllithwaiteLA11
United KingdomEnglandAllonbyCA15
United KingdomEnglandAllscotWV15
United KingdomEnglandAllwestonDT9
United KingdomEnglandAlmerDT11
United KingdomEnglandAlmingtonTF9
United KingdomEnglandAlmiston CrossEX39
United KingdomEnglandAlmondburyHD4
United KingdomEnglandAlneYO61
United KingdomEnglandAlpertonHA0
United KingdomEnglandAlphamstoneCO8
United KingdomEnglandAlphetonCO10
United KingdomEnglandAlphingtonEX2
United KingdomEnglandAlpingtonNR14
United KingdomEnglandAlportDE45
United KingdomEnglandAlprahamCW6
United KingdomEnglandAlresfordCO7
United KingdomEnglandAlrewasDE13
United KingdomEnglandAlsagerST7
United KingdomEnglandAlsagers BankST7
United KingdomEnglandAlsop En Le DaleDE6
United KingdomEnglandAlstonEX13
United KingdomEnglandAlstonCA9
United KingdomEnglandAlstoneGL20
United KingdomEnglandAlstonefieldDE6
United KingdomEnglandAlswearEX36
United KingdomEnglandAlthamBB5
United KingdomEnglandAlthorneCM3
United KingdomEnglandAlthorpeDN17
United KingdomEnglandAltoftsWF6
United KingdomEnglandAltonS42
United KingdomEnglandAltonGU34
United KingdomEnglandAltonST10
United KingdomEnglandAlton BarnesSN9
United KingdomEnglandAlton PancrasDT2
United KingdomEnglandAlton PriorsSN8
United KingdomEnglandAltrinchamWA14
United KingdomEnglandAlvanleyWA6
United KingdomEnglandAlvastonDE24
United KingdomEnglandAlvechurchB48
United KingdomEnglandAlvecoteB79
United KingdomEnglandAlvedistonSP5
United KingdomEnglandAlveleyWV15
United KingdomEnglandAlverdiscottEX31
United KingdomEnglandAlverstokePO12
United KingdomEnglandAlverstonePO36
United KingdomEnglandAlvertonNG13
United KingdomEnglandAlvescotOX18
United KingdomEnglandAlvestonCV37
United KingdomEnglandAlvinghamLN11
United KingdomEnglandAlvingtonGL15
United KingdomEnglandAlwaltonPE2
United KingdomEnglandAlwoodleyLS17
United KingdomEnglandAlwoodley ParkLS17
United KingdomEnglandAmalebraTR20
United KingdomEnglandAmber HillPE20
United KingdomEnglandAmbergateDE56
United KingdomEnglandAmberleyGL5
United KingdomEnglandAmberleyBN18
United KingdomEnglandAmblecoteDY8
United KingdomEnglandAmblesideLA22
United KingdomEnglandAmbrosdenOX6
United KingdomEnglandAmcottsDN17
United KingdomEnglandAmershamHP7
United KingdomEnglandAmesburySP4
United KingdomEnglandAmingtonB77
United KingdomEnglandAmotherbyYO17
United KingdomEnglandAmpfieldSO51
United KingdomEnglandAmpleforthYO62
United KingdomEnglandAmpney CrucisGL7
United KingdomEnglandAmpney St MaryGL7
United KingdomEnglandAmpney St PeterGL7
United KingdomEnglandAmportSP11
United KingdomEnglandAmpthillMK45
United KingdomEnglandAmptonIP31

You can find UK Postal Code in the table above or use the steps below to lookup your United Kingdom zip code.

How Can I Find My Postal code in UK?

To get the UK postal code lookup you seek for, there are 3 major attributes of UK ZIP Codes and they are as follows:

  1. Uniqueness: Assigned to a single unique address in United Kingdom.
  2. Post Office Box-only: Assigned specifically for PO Boxes with UK address.
  3. Standard: A standard United Kingdom ZIP Code consist of both letters and numbers.

What is my zip code UK London?

There are several ways to find the United Kingdom  postal code of any location in the UK, they are:

  1. Go to UK Postal Code official website at https://ukpostcode.org/.
  2. On the search form that is in the top right hand of the page, enter in the address, city or county of the UK address that you want to find its zip code.
  3. Click on search to submit the form and query for the location you entered.
  4. Your UK address with postal code will be displayed.

United Kingdom Zip Code Map

The United Kingdom Postal code map in the page shows the area covered with the UK postal code.

See UK postal code map below:

United Kingdom Postal Code Map

To get the updated United Kingdom zip code map, check the Google UK zip code map page.

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This guide has done it best to educate you on what is the zip code of the UK, do UK have zip code? How to lookup the United Kingdom Zip code, list of all postal code in UK, United State Zip code format, and lots more on UK postcode.

Hope you find the information about the United Kingdom Postal code helpful. Please, do let us know so as to serve you better.

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