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A Complete Firman generator 5kva Review

The situation of light in some regions of the continent has made owning a generator set an asset, because you need to have one as a standby source of the power supply so as to meet up with the demands of daily power needs at home, offices, businesses and other location. One of the best generator’s brand, the Firman generators of got different variations of generators which Firman generator 5kva is one of them. This piece will be x-raying all the details of Firman generator 5kva and all that it entails.

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Overview of Firman Generator 5kva

a complete review of firman generator 5kva

The Firman generator 5kva is the generator set of 5kva which is kilovolts-ampere. This implies that these generators have higher kva than the smaller sized generators that are 2.5 or 3 kva. The 5kva has the power or capacity to power on electronics and electrical things in the home or workplace without you having to freight about putting off some appliances because of too much load. The Firman generator 5kva can carry a good amount of load wherever it is used.

What can a 5 kva Firman Generator Power?

The Firman generator 5kva has the same maximum output like 5.5kva which means that you can power appliances with it at a time. It powers 2 to 3 bedroom flat with a deep freezer, 3 AC units, a fridge, television and light bulbs and other appliances in them.

How Good are Fireman Generators 5kva?

The Firman generator 5kva can be said to be a quality product from the famous Sumec Firman generator brand. The brand is a global portable power leader and you can’t expect less from their expertise. It is powered by Kohler engines so you can’t expect less than durability, reliability and superior performance. Kohler engines are recognized as the best in the power industry and as such efficiency should be expected from Firman generator 5kva.

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Specification (Specs)

A typical Firman generator 5kva comes with the following specifications (Specs) below:

  • Engine: 4 strokes
  • Fuel tank capacity 25 liter
  • Fuel type: diesel
  • Half load runtime: 10 hours
  • Model ID: SPG8000E2
  • Running power 5kva
  • Starting method: recoil and key
  • surhe protector: 220V,
  • Type: portable
  • Wall outlet: direct

Fireman Generator 5kva price

5kva Firman generator price varies from location to location, state to state, country to country, shop to shop, dealer to dealer, and so on. The Firman generator featuring specs of 5kva should have their price in Naira to be #258,344NGN. See the latest price on the Konga store.


Product type: generator, power factor 1.0, alternator brush, starting system key, battery: standard, Ac output 50HZ, 5.0KVA, MAX 4.5KVA RATED, DC output 12V/8.3A: Yes

Is Firman Generator 5kva a Gasoline or Diesel Soundproof Generator?

Firman generators 5kva are mostly diesel soundproof generators but also have the gasoline type under the SPG8000E2 series. They are cost-effective generators that can be used both at home and in a large business with minimal noise.

What to Consider when buying 5kva Firman Generator

When thinking of buying a 5kva Firman generator, you should consider the following before going for one:

  • Check your power capacity: Try to find out your power capacity needs, be sure that this variation of Firman generator will serve your needs to avoid overloading which will lead to overheating of the gen.
  • Fuel consumption: this is one area that you should consider when looking to buy 5kva Firman generator. Find out its fuel consumption per hour and the fuel efficiency it will supply according to the load it will carry.
  • Check its control systems and power management systems: you wouldn’t want a brand of generator that will not optimize the fuel consumption and give a high-performance rate which all emanates from the control and power management systems. So you need to be sure it will give you the load you demand for your usage.
  • Consider its portability and size: the fact is that a generator with slots or wheels can easily be lifted which will help limit the hassle of transporting it. So consider this and also be sure you will be having the available space to keep it.
  • The noise level: before buying your 5kva Firman generator you need to check this. High noise emission can even be a problem for you, don’t just you but also to your environment at large. So make sure it soundproof which helps to highly reduce the noise emitted from it.

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How to Properly Maintain Firman Generator 5kva

One thing is to buy your 5kva Firman generator but the most important thing is maintaining and properly sustaining it so that it can last for a long period. Well, there are little things you can do to help your 5kva Firman generator be durable and long-lasting. The following are ways of maintaining your 5kva Firman generator:

  • Always check your oil level and change the oil per how it is recommended. Don’t forget to check for leakages or spilled fuel.
  • Check the generator and its connection before starting it. This will help you to replace any broken thing and clean off any spill before starting.
  • Make sure to replace your 5kva Firman generator parts with other genuine parts: get a recommended repairer and make sure the right parts are used. Replacing things like the spark plugs needs be only those recommended by Firman
  • Always remember to load your 5kva Firman generator at less than 80% rated power capacity: this simply means that you shouldn’t overload your generator. This is one great way to guaranteed longevity and high performance of your 5kva Firman generator. So don’t load your 5kva Firman generator beyond 4 -4.2kva at all times.
  • Gradually load and unload your 5kva Firman generator: To avoid incessant breakdown of your 5kva Firman generator avoid improper loading of your generator. Never start your generator with everything connected, start it with no load then steadily load more things as you please.

Where can I buy Firman Generator 5kva

You can buy your 5kva Firman generator both online or offline. You can get it online either on or For offline you can get it in a dealer shop near your location.


5kva Firman generator is a great generator that you would enjoy if you go with the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is one generator that is dependable and long-lasting if it is well maintained and serviced regularly when due for service.

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