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Complete List Of All New York Zip Code

If you want to know the New York Zip Code lookup, here is the listing of all Zip Codes in the state of New York. New York covers about 2150 ZIP Codes. Following this guide, you’ll find Zip codes in New York alongside city, county and the New York Zip code type in our list.

Search no more for the ZIP codes for the US state New York will be available in this post. Here, you’ll find New York Zip Codes by city, county and type.

Therefore, if you ask what zip code does New York have? How many zip codes are in the state of New York? Do all NY zip codes start with 1? What zip codes are in upstate New York? Is rest assured that you’ll find them here.

New York Zip Code Map

New York Zip Code Map
Zip Code Map New York

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How do I find Zip Code for New York

In the table is Postal Codes New York, United States. Checking for New York Zip Code lookup, follow the Zip code list for New York and find your city, county Zip code in the state of New York.

New York ZIP Codes List

The table below shows the listing of all Zip Codes in the state of New York:

ZIP CodeCityCountyType
ZIP Code 00501HoltsvilleSuffolkUnique
ZIP Code 00544HoltsvilleSuffolkUnique
ZIP Code 06390Fishers IslandSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10001New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10002New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10003New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10004New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10005New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10006New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10007New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10008New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10009New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10010New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10011New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10012New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10013New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10014New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10016New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10017New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10018New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10019New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10020New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10021New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10022New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10023New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10024New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10025New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10026New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10027New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10028New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10029New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10030New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10031New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10032New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10033New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10034New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10035New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10036New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10037New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10038New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10039New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10040New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10041New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10043New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10044New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10045New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10055New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10060New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10065New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10069New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10075New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10080New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10081New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10087New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10090New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10101New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10102New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10103New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10104New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10105New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10106New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10107New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10108New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10109New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10110New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10111New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10112New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10113New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10114New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10115New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10116New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10117New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10118New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10119New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10120New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10121New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10122New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10123New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10124New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10125New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10126New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10128New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10129New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10130New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10131New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10132New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10133New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10138New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10150New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10151New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10152New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10153New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10154New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10155New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10156New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10157New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10158New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10159New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10160New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10162New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10163New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10164New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10165New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10166New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10167New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10168New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10169New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10170New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10171New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10172New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10173New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10174New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10175New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10176New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10177New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10178New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10179New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10185New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10199New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10203New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10211New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10212New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10213New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10242New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10249New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10256New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10258New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10259New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10260New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10261New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10265New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10268New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10269New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10270New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10271New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10272New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10273New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10274New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10275New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10276New YorkNew YorkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10277New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10278New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10279New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10280New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10281New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10282New YorkNew YorkStandard
ZIP Code 10285New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10286New YorkNew YorkUnique
ZIP Code 10301Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10302Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10303Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10304Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10305Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10306Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10307Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10308Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10309Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10310Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10311Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10312Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10313Staten IslandRichmondP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10314Staten IslandRichmondStandard
ZIP Code 10451BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10452BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10453BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10454BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10455BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10456BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10457BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10458BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10459BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10460BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10461BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10462BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10463BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10464BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10465BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10466BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10467BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10468BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10469BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10470BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10471BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10472BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10473BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10474BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10475BronxBronxStandard
ZIP Code 10501AmawalkWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10502ArdsleyWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10503Ardsley On HudsonWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10504ArmonkWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10505Baldwin PlaceWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10506BedfordWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10507Bedford HillsWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10509BrewsterPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 10510Briarcliff ManorWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10511BuchananWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10512CarmelPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 10514ChappaquaWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10516Cold SpringPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 10517CrompondWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10518Cross RiverWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10519Croton FallsWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10520Croton On HudsonWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10521Croton On HudsonWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10522Dobbs FerryWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10523ElmsfordWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10524GarrisonPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 10526Goldens BridgeWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10527Granite SpringsWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10528HarrisonWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10530HartsdaleWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10532HawthorneWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10533IrvingtonWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10535Jefferson ValleyWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10536KatonahWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10537Lake PeekskillPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 10538LarchmontWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10540LincolndaleWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10541MahopacPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 10542Mahopac FallsPutnamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10543MamaroneckWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10545MaryknollWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10546MillwoodWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10547Mohegan LakeWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10548MontroseWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10549Mount KiscoWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10550Mount VernonWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10551Mount VernonWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10552Mount VernonWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10553Mount VernonWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10560North SalemWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10562OssiningWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10566PeekskillWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10567Cortlandt ManorWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10570PleasantvilleWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10573Port ChesterWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10576Pound RidgeWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10577PurchaseWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10578PurdysWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10579Putnam ValleyPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 10580RyeWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10583ScarsdaleWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10587ShenorockWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10588Shrub OakWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10589SomersWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10590South SalemWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10591TarrytownWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10594ThornwoodWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10595ValhallaWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10596VerplanckWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10597WaccabucWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10598Yorktown HeightsWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10601White PlainsWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10602White PlainsWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10603White PlainsWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10604West HarrisonWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10605White PlainsWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10606White PlainsWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10607White PlainsWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10610White PlainsWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10701YonkersWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10702YonkersWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10703YonkersWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10704YonkersWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10705YonkersWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10706Hastings On HudsonWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10707TuckahoeWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10708BronxvilleWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10709EastchesterWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10710YonkersWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10801New RochelleWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10802New RochelleWestchesterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10803PelhamWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10804New RochelleWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10805New RochelleWestchesterStandard
ZIP Code 10901SuffernRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10910ArdenOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10911Bear MountainRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10912BellvaleOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10913BlauveltRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10914Blooming GroveOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10915BullvilleOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10916Campbell HallOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10917Central ValleyOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10918ChesterOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10919CirclevilleOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10920CongersRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10921FloridaOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10922Fort MontgomeryOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10923GarnervilleRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10924GoshenOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10925Greenwood LakeOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10926HarrimanOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10927HaverstrawRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10928Highland FallsOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10930Highland MillsOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10931HillburnRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10932HowellsOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10933JohnsonOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10940MiddletownOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10941MiddletownOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10949MonroeOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10950MonroeOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10952MonseyRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10953MountainvilleOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10954NanuetRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10956New CityRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10958New HamptonOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10959New MilfordOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10960Grandview On HudsonRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10960NyackRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10962OrangeburgRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10963OtisvilleOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10964PalisadesRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10965Pearl RiverRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10968PiermontRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10969Pine IslandOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10970PomonaRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10973Slate HillOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10974SloatsburgRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10975SouthfieldsOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10976SparkillRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10977Spring ValleyRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10979Sterling ForestOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10980Stony PointRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10981Sugar LoafOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10982TallmanRocklandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10983TappanRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10984ThiellsRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10985Thompson RidgeOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10986Tomkins CoveRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10987Tuxedo ParkOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10988UnionvilleOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10989Valley CottageRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10990WarwickOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10992WashingtonvilleOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10993West HaverstrawRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10994West NyackRocklandStandard
ZIP Code 10996West PointOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 10997West PointOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 10998WesttownOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 11001Bellerose VillageNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11001Floral ParkNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11001South Floral ParkNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11002Floral ParkNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11003ElmontNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11004Glen OaksQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11005Floral ParkQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11010Franklin SquareNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11020Great NeckNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11021Great NeckNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11022Great NeckNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11023Great NeckNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11024Great NeckNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11026Great NeckNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11027Great NeckNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11030ManhassetNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11040New Hyde ParkNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11042New Hyde ParkNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11050Port WashingtonNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11051Port WashingtonNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11052Port WashingtonNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11053Port WashingtonNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11054Port WashingtonNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11055Port WashingtonNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11096InwoodNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11101Long Island CityQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11102AstoriaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11103AstoriaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11104SunnysideQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11105AstoriaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11106AstoriaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11109Long Island CityQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11120Long Island CityQueensUnique
ZIP Code 11201BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11202BrooklynKingsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11203BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11204BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11205BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11206BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11207BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11208BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11209BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11210BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11211BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11212BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11213BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11214BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11215BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11216BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11217BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11218BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11219BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11220BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11221BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11222BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11223BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11224BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11225BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11226BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11228BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11229BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11230BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11231BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11232BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11233BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11234BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11235BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11236BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11237BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11238BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11239BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11241BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11242BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11243BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11245BrooklynKingsUnique
ZIP Code 11247BrooklynKingsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11249BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11251BrooklynKingsUnique
ZIP Code 11252BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11256BrooklynKingsStandard
ZIP Code 11351FlushingQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11352FlushingQueensP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11354FlushingQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11355FlushingQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11356College PointQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11357WhitestoneQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11358FlushingQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11359BaysideQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11360BaysideQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11361BaysideQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11362Little NeckQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11363Little NeckQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11364Oakland GardensQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11365Fresh MeadowsQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11366Fresh MeadowsQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11367FlushingQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11368CoronaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11369East ElmhurstQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11370East ElmhurstQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11371FlushingQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11372Jackson HeightsQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11373ElmhurstQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11374Rego ParkQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11375Forest HillsQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11377WoodsideQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11378MaspethQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11379Middle VillageQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11380ElmhurstQueensP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11381FlushingQueensUnique
ZIP Code 11385RidgewoodQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11386RidgewoodQueensP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11405JamaicaQueensUnique
ZIP Code 11411Cambria HeightsQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11412Saint AlbansQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11413Springfield GardensQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11414Howard BeachQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11415Kew GardensQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11416Ozone ParkQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11417Ozone ParkQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11418Richmond HillQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11419South Richmond HillQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11420South Ozone ParkQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11421WoodhavenQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11422RosedaleQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11423HollisQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11424JamaicaQueensP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11425JamaicaQueensUnique
ZIP Code 11426BelleroseQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11427Queens VillageQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11428Queens VillageQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11429Queens VillageQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11430JamaicaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11431JamaicaQueensP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11432JamaicaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11433JamaicaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11434JamaicaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11435JamaicaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11436JamaicaQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11437JamaicaQueensUnique
ZIP Code 11439JamaicaQueensUnique
ZIP Code 11451JamaicaQueensUnique
ZIP Code 11499JamaicaQueensUnique
ZIP Code 11501MineolaNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11507AlbertsonNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11509Atlantic BeachNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11510BaldwinNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11514Carle PlaceNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11516CedarhurstNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11518East RockawayNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11520FreeportNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11530Garden CityNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11531Garden CityNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11542Glen CoveNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11545Glen HeadNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11547Glenwood LandingNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11548GreenvaleNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11549HempsteadNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11550HempsteadNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11551HempsteadNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11552West HempsteadNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11553UniondaleNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11554East MeadowNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11555UniondaleNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11556UniondaleNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11557HewlettNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11558Island ParkNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11559LawrenceNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11560Locust ValleyNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11561Long BeachNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11563LynbrookNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11565MalverneNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11566MerrickNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11568Old WestburyNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11569Point LookoutNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11570Rockville CentreNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11571Rockville CentreNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11572OceansideNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11575RooseveltNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11576RoslynNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11577Roslyn HeightsNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11579Sea CliffNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11580Valley StreamNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11581Valley StreamNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11582Valley StreamNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11590WestburyNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11596Williston ParkNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11598WoodmereNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11599Garden CityNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11690Far RockawayQueensP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11691Far RockawayQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11692ArverneQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11693Far RockawayQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11694Rockaway ParkQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11695Far RockawayQueensP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11697Breezy PointQueensStandard
ZIP Code 11701AmityvilleSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11702BabylonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11703North BabylonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11704West BabylonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11705BayportSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11706Bay ShoreSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11707West BabylonSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11709BayvilleNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11710BellmoreNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11713BellportSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11714BethpageNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11715Blue PointSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11716BohemiaSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11717BrentwoodSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11718BrightwatersSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11719BrookhavenSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11720CentereachSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11721CenterportSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11722Central IslipSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11724Cold Spring HarborSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11725CommackSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11726CopiagueSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11727CoramSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11729Deer ParkSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11730East IslipSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11731East NorthportSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11732East NorwichNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11733East SetauketSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11735FarmingdaleNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11737FarmingdaleNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11738FarmingvilleSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11739Great RiverSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11740GreenlawnSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11741HolbrookSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11742HoltsvilleSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11743HuntingtonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11746Huntington StationSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11747MelvilleSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11749IslandiaSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11751IslipSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11752Islip TerraceSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11753JerichoNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11754Kings ParkSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11755Lake GroveSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11756LevittownNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11757LindenhurstSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11758MassapequaNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11760MelvilleSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11762Massapequa ParkNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11763MedfordSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11764Miller PlaceSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11765Mill NeckNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11766Mount SinaiSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11767NesconsetSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11768NorthportSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11769OakdaleSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11770Ocean BeachSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11771Oyster BayNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11772PatchogueSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11773MelvilleSuffolkUnique
ZIP Code 11775MelvilleSuffolkUnique
ZIP Code 11776Port Jefferson StationSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11777Port JeffersonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11778Rocky PointSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11779RonkonkomaSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11780Saint JamesSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11782SayvilleSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11783SeafordNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11784SeldenSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11786ShorehamSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11787SmithtownSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11788HauppaugeSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11789Sound BeachSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11790Stony BrookSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11791SyossetNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11792Wading RiverSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11793WantaghNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11794Stony BrookSuffolkUnique
ZIP Code 11795West IslipSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11796West SayvilleSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11797WoodburyNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11798WyandanchSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11801HicksvilleNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11802HicksvilleNassauP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11803PlainviewNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11804Old BethpageNassauStandard
ZIP Code 11815HicksvilleNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11853JerichoNassauUnique
ZIP Code 11901RiverheadSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11930AmagansettSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11931AquebogueSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11932BridgehamptonSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11933CalvertonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11934Center MorichesSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11935CutchogueSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11937East HamptonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11939East MarionSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11940East MorichesSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11941EastportSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11942East QuogueSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11944GreenportSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11946Hampton BaysSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11947JamesportSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11948LaurelSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11949ManorvilleSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11950MasticSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11951Mastic BeachSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11952MattituckSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11953Middle IslandSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11954MontaukSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11955MorichesSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11956New SuffolkSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11957OrientSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11958PeconicSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11959QuogueSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11960RemsenburgSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11961RidgeSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11962SagaponackSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11963Sag HarborSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11964Shelter IslandSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11965Shelter Island HeightsSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11967ShirleySuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11968SouthamptonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11969SouthamptonSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11970South JamesportSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11971SoutholdSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11972SpeonkSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11973UptonSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11975WainscottSuffolkP.O. Box
ZIP Code 11976Water MillSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11977WesthamptonSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11978Westhampton BeachSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 11980YaphankSuffolkStandard
ZIP Code 12007AlcoveAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12008AlplausSchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12009AltamontAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12010AmsterdamMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 12015AthensGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12016AuriesvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 12017AusterlitzColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12018Averill ParkRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12019Ballston LakeSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12020Ballston SpaSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12022BerlinRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12023BerneAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12024BrainardRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12025BroadalbinFultonStandard
ZIP Code 12027Burnt HillsSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12028BuskirkWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12029CanaanColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12031CarlisleSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12032Caroga LakeFultonStandard
ZIP Code 12033Castleton On HudsonRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12035Central BridgeSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12036CharlottevilleSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12037ChathamColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12040Cherry PlainRensselaerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12041ClarksvilleAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12042ClimaxGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12043CobleskillSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12045CoeymansAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12046Coeymans HollowAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12047CohoesAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12050ColumbiavilleColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12051CoxsackieGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12052CropseyvilleRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12053DelansonSchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12054DelmarAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12055DormansvilleAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12056DuanesburgSchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12057Eagle BridgeRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12058EarltonGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12059East BerneAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12060East ChathamColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12061East GreenbushRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12062East NassauRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12063East SchodackRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12064East WorcesterOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 12065Clifton ParkSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12066EsperanceMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 12067Feura BushAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12068FondaMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 12069Fort HunterMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12070Fort JohnsonMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 12071FultonhamSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12072FultonvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 12073GallupvilleSchoharieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12074GalwaySaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12075GhentColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12076GilboaSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12077GlenmontAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12078GloversvilleFultonStandard
ZIP Code 12082GraftonRensselaerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12083GreenvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12084GuilderlandAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12085Guilderland CenterAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12086HagamanMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 12087HannacroixGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12089HoosickRensselaerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12090Hoosick FallsRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12092Howes CaveSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12093JeffersonSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12094JohnsonvilleRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12095JohnstownFultonStandard
ZIP Code 12106KinderhookColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12107KnoxAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12108Lake PleasantHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 12110LathamAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12115Malden BridgeColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12116MarylandOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 12117MayfieldFultonStandard
ZIP Code 12118MechanicvilleSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12120MedusaAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12121MelroseRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12122MiddleburghSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12123NassauRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12124New BaltimoreGreeneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12125New LebanonColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12128NewtonvilleAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12130NivervilleColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12131North BlenheimSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12132North ChathamColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12133North HoosickRensselaerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12134NorthvilleFultonStandard
ZIP Code 12136Old ChathamColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12137PattersonvilleSchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12138PetersburgRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12139PisecoHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 12140PoestenkillRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12141Quaker StreetSchenectadyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12143RavenaAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12144RensselaerRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12147RensselaervilleAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12148RexfordSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12149RichmondvilleSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12150Rotterdam JunctionSchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12151Round LakeSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12153Sand LakeRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12154SchaghticokeRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12155SchenevusOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 12156Schodack LandingRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12157SchoharieSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12158SelkirkAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12159SlingerlandsAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12160SloansvilleSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12161South BethlehemAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12164SpeculatorHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 12165SpencertownColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12166SprakersMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 12167StamfordDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 12168StephentownRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12169StephentownRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12170StillwaterSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12172StottvilleColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12173StuyvesantColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12174Stuyvesant FallsColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12175SummitSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12176SurpriseGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12177Tribes HillMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12180TroyRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12181TroyRensselaerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12182TroyRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12183TroyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12184ValatieColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12185Valley FallsRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12186VoorheesvilleAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12187WarnervilleSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12188WaterfordSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12189WatervlietAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12190WellsHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 12192West CoxsackieGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12193WesterloAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12194West FultonSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 12195West LebanonColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12196West Sand LakeRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12197WorcesterOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 12198WynantskillRensselaerStandard
ZIP Code 12201AlbanyAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12202AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12203AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12204AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12205AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12206AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12207AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12208AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12209AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12210AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12211AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12212AlbanyAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12214AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12220AlbanyAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12222AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12223AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12224AlbanyAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12225AlbanyAlbanyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12226AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12227AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12228AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12229AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12230AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12231AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12232AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12233AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12234AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12235AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12236AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12237AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12238AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12239AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12240AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12241AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12242AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12243AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12244AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12245AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12246AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12247AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12248AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12249AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12250AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12255AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12257AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12260AlbanyAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12261AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12288AlbanyAlbanyUnique
ZIP Code 12301SchenectadySchenectadyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12302SchenectadySchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12303SchenectadySchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12304SchenectadySchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12305SchenectadySchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12306SchenectadySchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12307SchenectadySchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12308SchenectadySchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12309SchenectadySchenectadyStandard
ZIP Code 12325SchenectadySchenectadyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12345SchenectadySchenectadyUnique
ZIP Code 12401KingstonUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12402KingstonUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12404AccordUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12405AcraGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12406ArkvilleDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 12407AshlandGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12409BearsvilleUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12410Big IndianUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12411BloomingtonUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12412BoicevilleUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12413CairoGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12414CatskillGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12416ChichesterUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12417ConnellyUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12418CornwallvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12419CottekillUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12420CragsmoorUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12421DenverDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 12422DurhamGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12423East DurhamGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12424East JewettGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12427Elka ParkGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12428EllenvilleUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12429EsopusUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12430FleischmannsDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 12431FreeholdGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12432GlascoUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12433GlenfordUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12434Grand GorgeDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 12435Greenfield ParkUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12436Haines FallsGreeneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12438HalcottsvilleDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12439HensonvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12440High FallsUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12441HighmountUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12442HunterGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12443HurleyUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12444JewettGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12446KerhonksonUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12448Lake HillUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12449Lake KatrineUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12450LanesvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12451LeedsGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12452LexingtonGreeneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12453Malden On HudsonUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12454MaplecrestGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12455MargaretvilleDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 12456Mount MarionUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12457Mount TremperUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12458NapanochUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12459New KingstonDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12460Oak HillGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12461OlivebridgeUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12463PalenvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12464PhoeniciaUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12465Pine HillUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12466Port EwenUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12468PrattsvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12469Preston HollowAlbanyStandard
ZIP Code 12470PurlingGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12471RiftonUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12472RosendaleUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12473Round TopGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12474RoxburyDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 12475RubyUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12477SaugertiesUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12480ShandakenUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12481ShokanUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12482South CairoGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12483Spring GlenUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12484Stone RidgeUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12485TannersvilleGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12486TillsonUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12487Ulster ParkUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12489WawarsingUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12490West CampUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12491West HurleyUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12492West KillGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12493West ParkUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12494West ShokanUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12495WillowUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12496WindhamGreeneStandard
ZIP Code 12498WoodstockUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12501AmeniaDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12502AncramColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12503AncramdaleColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12504Annandale On HudsonDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12506BangallDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12507BarrytownDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12508BeaconDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12510BillingsDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12511Castle PointDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12512ChelseaDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12513ClaverackColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12514Clinton CornersDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12515ClintondaleUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12516CopakeColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12517Copake FallsColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12518CornwallOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12520Cornwall On HudsonOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12521CraryvilleColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12522Dover PlainsDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12523ElizavilleColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12524FishkillDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12525GardinerUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12526GermantownColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12527GlenhamDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12528HighlandUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12529HillsdaleColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12530HollowvilleColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12531HolmesDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12533Hopewell JunctionDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12534HudsonColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12537HughsonvilleDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12538Hyde ParkDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12540LagrangevilleDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12541LivingstonColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12542MarlboroUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12543MaybrookOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12544MellenvilleColumbiaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12545MillbrookDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12546MillertonDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12547MiltonUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12548ModenaUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12549MontgomeryOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12550NewburghOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12551NewburghOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12552NewburghOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12553New WindsorOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12555NewburghOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12561New PaltzUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12563PattersonPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 12564PawlingDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12565PhilmontColumbiaStandard
ZIP Code 12566Pine BushOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12567Pine PlainsDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12568PlattekillUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12569Pleasant ValleyDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12570PoughquagDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12571Red HookDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12572RhinebeckDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12574RhinecliffDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12575Rock TavernOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12577Salisbury MillsOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12578Salt PointDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12580StaatsburgDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12581StanfordvilleDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12582StormvilleDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12583TivoliDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12584Vails GateOrangeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12585VerbankDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12586WaldenOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12588Walker ValleyUlsterP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12589WallkillUlsterStandard
ZIP Code 12590Wappingers FallsDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12592WassaicDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12594WingdaleDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12601PoughkeepsieDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12602PoughkeepsieDutchessP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12603PoughkeepsieDutchessStandard
ZIP Code 12604PoughkeepsieDutchessUnique
ZIP Code 12701MonticelloSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12719BarryvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12720BethelSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12721BloomingburgSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12722BurlinghamSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12723CallicoonSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12724Callicoon CenterSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12725ClaryvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12726CochectonSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12727CochectonSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12729CuddebackvilleOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12732EldredSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12733FallsburgSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12734FerndaleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12736Fremont CenterSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12737Glen SpeySullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12738Glen WildSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12740GrahamsvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12741HankinsSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12742HarrisSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12743Highland LakeSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12745HortonvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12746HuguenotOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12747HurleyvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12748JeffersonvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12749Kauneonga LakeSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12750Kenoza LakeSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12751Kiamesha LakeSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12752Lake HuntingtonSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12754LibertySullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12758Livingston ManorSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12759Loch SheldrakeSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12760Long EddySullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12762Mongaup ValleySullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12763Mountain DaleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12764NarrowsburgSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12765NeversinkSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12766North BranchSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12767ObernburgSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12768ParksvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12769PhillipsportSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12770Pond EddySullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12771Port JervisOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12775Rock HillSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12776RoscoeSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12777ForestburghSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12778SmallwoodSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12779South FallsburgSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12780Sparrow BushOrangeStandard
ZIP Code 12781SummitvilleSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12783Swan LakeSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12784ThompsonvilleSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12785WestbrookvilleSullivanP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12786White LakeSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12787White Sulphur SpringsSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12788WoodbourneSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12789WoodridgeSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12790WurtsboroSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12791YoungsvilleSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12792YulanSullivanStandard
ZIP Code 12801Glens FallsWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12803South Glens FallsSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12804QueensburyWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12808AdirondackWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12809ArgyleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12810AtholWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12811Bakers MillsWarrenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12812Blue Mountain LakeHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 12814Bolton LandingWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12815Brant LakeWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12816CambridgeWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12817ChestertownWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12819ClemonsWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12820CleverdaleWarrenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12821ComstockWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12822CorinthSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12823CossayunaWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12824Diamond PointWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12827Fort AnnWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12828Fort EdwardWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12831GansevoortSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12832GranvilleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12833Greenfield CenterSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12834GreenwichWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12835HadleySaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12836HagueWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12837HamptonWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12838HartfordWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12839Hudson FallsWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12841Huletts LandingWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12842Indian LakeHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 12843JohnsburgWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12844Kattskill BayWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12845Lake GeorgeWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12846Lake LuzerneWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12847Long LakeHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 12848Middle FallsWashingtonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12849Middle GranvilleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12850Middle GroveSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12851MinervaEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12852NewcombEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12853North CreekWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12854North GranvilleWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12855North HudsonEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12856North RiverWarrenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12857OlmstedvilleEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12858ParadoxEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12859Porter CornersSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12860PottersvilleWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12861Putnam StationWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12862RipariusWarrenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12863Rock City FallsSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12864SabaelHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 12865SalemWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12866Saratoga SpringsSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12870Schroon LakeEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12871SchuylervilleSaratogaStandard
ZIP Code 12872SeveranceEssexP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12873ShushanWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12874Silver BayWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12878Stony CreekWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12879NewcombEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12883TiconderogaEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12884Victory MillsSaratogaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12885WarrensburgWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12886WevertownWarrenStandard
ZIP Code 12887WhitehallWashingtonStandard
ZIP Code 12901PlattsburghClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12903PlattsburghClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12910AltonaClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12911KeesevilleClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12912Au Sable ForksClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12913BloomingdaleEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12914BombayFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12915BrainardsvilleFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12916BrushtonFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12917BurkeFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12918CadyvilleClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12919ChamplainClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12920ChateaugayFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12921ChazyClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12922ChildwoldSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 12923ChurubuscoClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12924KeesevilleClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12926ConstableFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12927Cranberry LakeSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12928Crown PointEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12929DannemoraClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12930Dickinson CenterFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12932ElizabethtownEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12933EllenburgClintonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12934Ellenburg CenterClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12935Ellenburg DepotClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12936EssexEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12937Fort CovingtonFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12939GabrielsFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12941JayEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12942KeeneEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12943Keene ValleyEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12944KeesevilleClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12945Lake ClearFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12946Lake PlacidEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12949LawrencevilleSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 12950LewisEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12952Lyon MountainClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12953MaloneFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12955Lyon MountainClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12956MinevilleEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12957MoiraFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12958MooersClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12959Mooers ForksClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12960MoriahEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12961Moriah CenterEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12962MorrisonvilleClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12964New RussiaEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12965NicholvilleSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 12966North BangorFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12967North LawrenceSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 12969Owls HeadFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12970Paul SmithsFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12972PeruClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12973PiercefieldSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12974Port HenryEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12975Port KentEssexP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12976Rainbow LakeFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12977Ray BrookEssexP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12978RedfordClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12979Rouses PointClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12980Saint Regis FallsFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12981SaranacClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12983Saranac LakeFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12985Schuyler FallsClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12986Tupper LakeFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12987Upper JayEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12989VermontvilleFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 12992West ChazyClintonStandard
ZIP Code 12993WestportEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12995WhipplevilleFranklinP.O. Box
ZIP Code 12996WillsboroEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12997WilmingtonEssexStandard
ZIP Code 12998WitherbeeEssexStandard
ZIP Code 13020Apulia StationOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13021AuburnCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13022AuburnCayugaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13024AuburnCayugaUnique
ZIP Code 13026AuroraCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13027BaldwinsvilleOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13028Bernhards BayOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13029BrewertonOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13030BridgeportOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13031CamillusOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13032CanastotaMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13033CatoCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13034CayugaCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13035CazenoviaMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13036Central SquareOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13037ChittenangoMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13039CiceroOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13040CincinnatusCortlandStandard
ZIP Code 13041ClayOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13042ClevelandOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13043ClockvilleMadisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13044ConstantiaOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13045CortlandCortlandStandard
ZIP Code 13051Delphi FallsOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13052De RuyterMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13053DrydenTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 13054DurhamvilleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13056East HomerCortlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13057East SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13060ElbridgeOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13061ErievilleMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13062EtnaTompkinsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13063FabiusOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13064Fair HavenCayugaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13065FayetteSenecaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13066FayettevilleOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13068FreevilleTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 13069FultonOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13071GenoaCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13072GeorgetownMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13073GrotonTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 13074HannibalOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13076HastingsOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13077HomerCortlandStandard
ZIP Code 13078JamesvilleOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13080JordanOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13081King FerryCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13082KirkvilleOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13083LaconaOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13084La FayetteOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13087Little YorkCortlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13088LiverpoolOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13089LiverpoolOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13090LiverpoolOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13092LockeCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13093LycomingOswegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13101Mc GrawCortlandStandard
ZIP Code 13102Mc LeanTompkinsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13103MalloryOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13104ManliusOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13107Maple ViewOswegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13108MarcellusOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13110MariettaOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13111MartvilleCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13112MemphisOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13113MeridianCayugaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13114MexicoOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13115MinettoOswegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13116MinoaOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13117MontezumaCayugaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13118MoraviaCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13119MottvilleOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13120NedrowOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13121New HavenOswegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13122New WoodstockMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13123North BayOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13124North PitcherChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13126OswegoOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13131ParishOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13132PennellvilleOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13134PeterboroMadisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13135PhoenixOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13136PitcherChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13137PlainvilleOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13138PompeyOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13139Poplar RidgeCayugaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13140Port ByronCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13141PrebleCortlandStandard
ZIP Code 13142PulaskiOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13143Red CreekWayneStandard
ZIP Code 13144RichlandOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13145Sandy CreekOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13146SavannahWayneStandard
ZIP Code 13147Scipio CenterCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13148Seneca FallsSenecaStandard
ZIP Code 13152SkaneatelesOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13153Skaneateles FallsOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13154South ButlerWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13155South OtselicChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13156SterlingCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13157Sylvan BeachOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13158TruxtonCortlandStandard
ZIP Code 13159TullyOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13160Union SpringsCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13162Verona BeachOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13163WampsvilleMadisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13164WarnersOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13165WaterlooSenecaStandard
ZIP Code 13166WeedsportCayugaStandard
ZIP Code 13167West MonroeOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13201SyracuseOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13202SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13203SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13204SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13205SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13206SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13207SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13208SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13209SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13210SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13211SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13212SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13214SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13215SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13217SyracuseOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13218SyracuseOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13219SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13220SyracuseOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13221SyracuseOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13224SyracuseOnondagaStandard
ZIP Code 13225SyracuseOnondagaUnique
ZIP Code 13235SyracuseOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13244SyracuseOnondagaUnique
ZIP Code 13250SyracuseOnondagaUnique
ZIP Code 13251SyracuseOnondagaUnique
ZIP Code 13252SyracuseOnondagaUnique
ZIP Code 13261SyracuseOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13290SyracuseOnondagaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13301Alder CreekOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13302AltmarOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13303AvaOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13304BarneveldOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13305Beaver FallsLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13308BlossvaleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13309BoonvilleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13310BouckvilleMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13312BrantinghamLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13313BridgewaterOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13314BrookfieldMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13315Burlington FlatsOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13316CamdenOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13317CanajoharieMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 13318CassvilleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13319ChadwicksOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13320Cherry ValleyOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13321Clark MillsOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13322ClayvilleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13323ClintonOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13324Cold BrookHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13325ConstablevilleLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13326CooperstownOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13327CroghanLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13328DeansboroOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13329DolgevilleHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13331Eagle BayHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13332EarlvilleChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13333East SpringfieldOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13334EatonMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13335EdmestonOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13337Fly CreekOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13338ForestportOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13339Fort PlainMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 13340FrankfortHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13341Franklin SpringsOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13342GarrattsvilleOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13343GlenfieldLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13345GreigLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13346HamiltonMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13348HartwickOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13350HerkimerHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13352HinckleyOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13353HoffmeisterHamiltonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13354Holland PatentOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13355HubbardsvilleMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13357IlionHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13360InletHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 13361JordanvilleHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13362KnoxboroOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13363Lee CenterOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13364LeonardsvilleMadisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13365Little FallsHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13367LowvilleLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13368Lyons FallsLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13401Mc ConnellsvilleOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13402MadisonMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13403MarcyOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13404MartinsburgLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13406MiddlevilleHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13407MohawkHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13408MorrisvilleMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13409MunnsvilleMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13410NellistonMontgomeryP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13411New BerlinChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13413New HartfordOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13415New LisbonOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13416NewportHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13417New York MillsOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13418North BrookfieldMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13420Old ForgeHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13421OneidaMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13424OriskanyOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13425Oriskany FallsOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13426OrwellOswegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13428Palatine BridgeMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 13431PolandHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13433Port LeydenLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13435ProspectOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13436Raquette LakeHamiltonStandard
ZIP Code 13437RedfieldOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13438RemsenOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13439Richfield SpringsOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13440RomeOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13441RomeOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13442RomeOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13449RomeOneidaUnique
ZIP Code 13450RoseboomOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13452Saint JohnsvilleMontgomeryStandard
ZIP Code 13454Salisbury CenterHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13455SangerfieldOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13456SauquoitOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13457Schuyler LakeOtsegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13459Sharon SpringsSchoharieStandard
ZIP Code 13460SherburneChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13461SherrillOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13464SmyrnaChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13465SolsvilleMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13468Springfield CenterOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13469StittvilleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13470StratfordFultonStandard
ZIP Code 13471TabergOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13472ThendaraHerkimerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13473TurinLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13475Van HornesvilleHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13476VernonOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13477Vernon CenterOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13478VeronaOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13479Washington MillsOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13480WatervilleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13482West BurlingtonOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13483WestdaleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13484West EatonMadisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13485West EdmestonMadisonStandard
ZIP Code 13486WesternvilleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13488WestfordOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13489West LeydenLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13490WestmorelandOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13491West WinfieldHerkimerStandard
ZIP Code 13492WhitesboroOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13493WilliamstownOswegoStandard
ZIP Code 13494WoodgateOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13495YorkvilleOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13501UticaOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13502UticaOneidaStandard
ZIP Code 13503UticaOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13504UticaOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13505UticaOneidaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13599UticaOneidaUnique
ZIP Code 13601WatertownJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13602Fort DrumJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13603WatertownJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13605AdamsJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13606Adams CenterJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13607Alexandria BayJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13608AntwerpJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13611BellevilleJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13612Black RiverJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13613Brasher FallsSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13614Brier HillSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13615BrownvilleJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13616CalciumJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13617CantonSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13618Cape VincentJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13619CarthageJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13620CastorlandLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13621Chase MillsSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13622ChaumontJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13623Chippewa BaySaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13624ClaytonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13625ColtonSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13626CopenhagenLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13627Deer RiverLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13628DeferietJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13630De Kalb JunctionSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13631DenmarkLewisP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13632DepauvilleJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13633De PeysterSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13634DexterJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13635EdwardsSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13636EllisburgJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13637Evans MillsJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13638Felts MillsJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13639FineSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13640Wellesley IslandJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13641Fishers LandingJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13642GouverneurSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13643Great BendJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13645HailesboroSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13646HammondSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13647Hannawa FallsSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13648HarrisvilleLewisStandard
ZIP Code 13649HelenaSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13650HendersonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13651Henderson HarborJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13652HermonSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13654HeuveltonSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13655HogansburgFranklinStandard
ZIP Code 13656La FargevilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13657LimerickJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13658LisbonSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13659LorraineJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13660MadridSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13661MannsvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13662MassenaSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13664MorristownSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13665Natural BridgeJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13666Newton FallsSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13667NorfolkSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13668NorwoodSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13669OgdensburgSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13670OswegatchieSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13671AntwerpJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13672ParishvilleSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13673PhiladelphiaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13674Pierrepont ManorJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13675PlessisJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13676PotsdamSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13677PyritesSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13678RaymondvilleSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13679RedwoodJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13680Rensselaer FallsSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13681RichvilleSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13682RodmanJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13683RooseveltownSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13684RussellSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13685Sackets HarborJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13687South ColtonSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13690Star LakeSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13691TheresaJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13692Thousand Island ParkJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13693Three Mile BayJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 13694WaddingtonSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13695WanakenaSaint LawrenceP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13696West StockholmSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13697WinthropSaint LawrenceStandard
ZIP Code 13699PotsdamSaint LawrenceUnique
ZIP Code 13730AftonChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13731AndesDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13732ApalachinTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13733BainbridgeChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13734BartonTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13736BerkshireTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13737Bible School ParkBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13738Blodgett MillsCortlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13739BloomvilleDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13740Bovina CenterDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13743CandorTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13744Castle CreekBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13745Chenango BridgeBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13746Chenango ForksBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13747ColliersvilleOtsegoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13748ConklinBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13749CorbettsvilleBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13750DavenportDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13751Davenport CenterDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13752DelanceyDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13753DelhiDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13754DepositBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13755DownsvilleDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13756East BranchDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13757East MeredithDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13758East PharsaliaChenangoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13760EndicottBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13761EndicottBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13762EndwellBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13763EndicottBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13774Fishs EddyDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13775FranklinDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13776GilbertsvilleOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13777Glen AubreyBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13778GreeneChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13780GuilfordChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13782HamdenDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13783HancockDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13784HarfordCortlandP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13786HarpersfieldDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13787HarpursvilleBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13788HobartDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13790Johnson CityBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13794KillawogBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13795KirkwoodBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13796LaurensOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13797LisleBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13801Mc DonoughChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13802MaineBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13803MarathonCortlandStandard
ZIP Code 13804MasonvilleDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13806MeridaleDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13807MilfordOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13808MorrisOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13809Mount UptonChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13810Mount VisionOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13811Newark ValleyTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13812NicholsTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13813NinevehBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13814North NorwichChenangoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13815NorwichChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13820OneontaOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13825OtegoOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13826OuaquagaBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13827OwegoTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13830OxfordChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13832PlymouthChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13833Port CraneBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13834PortlandvilleOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13835RichfordTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13838SidneyDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13839Sidney CenterDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13840SmithboroTiogaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13841Smithville FlatsChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13842South KortrightDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13843South New BerlinChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13844South PlymouthChenangoStandard
ZIP Code 13845Tioga CenterTiogaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13846TreadwellDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13847Trout CreekDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13848TunnelBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13849UnadillaOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13850VestalBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13851VestalBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13856WaltonDelawareStandard
ZIP Code 13859Wells BridgeOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13860West DavenportDelawareP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13861West OneontaOtsegoStandard
ZIP Code 13862Whitney PointBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13863WilletCortlandStandard
ZIP Code 13864WillseyvilleTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 13865WindsorBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13901BinghamtonBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13902BinghamtonBroomeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 13903BinghamtonBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13904BinghamtonBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 13905BinghamtonBroomeStandard
ZIP Code 14001AkronErieStandard
ZIP Code 14004AldenErieStandard
ZIP Code 14005AlexanderGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14006AngolaErieStandard
ZIP Code 14008AppletonNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14009ArcadeWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14010Athol SpringsErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14011AtticaWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14012BarkerNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14013BasomGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14020BataviaGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14021BataviaGeneseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14024BlissWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14025BostonErieStandard
ZIP Code 14026BowmansvilleErieStandard
ZIP Code 14027BrantErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14028BurtNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14029CentervilleAlleganyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14030ChaffeeErieStandard
ZIP Code 14031ClarenceErieStandard
ZIP Code 14032Clarence CenterErieStandard
ZIP Code 14033ColdenErieStandard
ZIP Code 14034CollinsErieStandard
ZIP Code 14035Collins CenterErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14036CorfuGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14037CowlesvilleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14038CrittendenErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14039DaleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14040Darien CenterGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14041DaytonCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14042DelevanCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14043DepewErieStandard
ZIP Code 14047DerbyErieStandard
ZIP Code 14048DunkirkChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14051East AmherstErieStandard
ZIP Code 14052East AuroraErieStandard
ZIP Code 14054East BethanyGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14055East ConcordErieStandard
ZIP Code 14056East PembrokeGeneseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14057EdenErieStandard
ZIP Code 14058ElbaGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14059ElmaErieStandard
ZIP Code 14060Farmersville StationCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14061FarnhamErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14062ForestvilleChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14063FredoniaChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14065FreedomCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14066GainesvilleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14067GasportNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14068GetzvilleErieStandard
ZIP Code 14069GlenwoodErieStandard
ZIP Code 14070GowandaCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14072Grand IslandErieStandard
ZIP Code 14075HamburgErieStandard
ZIP Code 14080HollandErieStandard
ZIP Code 14081IrvingChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14082Java CenterWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14083Java VillageWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14085Lake ViewErieStandard
ZIP Code 14086LancasterErieStandard
ZIP Code 14091LawtonsErieStandard
ZIP Code 14092LewistonNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14094LockportNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14095LockportNiagaraP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14098LyndonvilleOrleansStandard
ZIP Code 14101MachiasCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14102MarillaErieStandard
ZIP Code 14103MedinaOrleansStandard
ZIP Code 14105MiddleportNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14107Model CityNiagaraP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14108NewfaneNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14109Niagara UniversityNiagaraP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14110North BostonErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14111North CollinsErieStandard
ZIP Code 14112North EvansErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14113North JavaWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14120North TonawandaNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14125OakfieldGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14126OlcottNiagaraP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14127Orchard ParkErieStandard
ZIP Code 14129PerrysburgCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14130PikeWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14131RansomvilleNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14132SanbornNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14133SanduskyCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14134SardiniaErieStandard
ZIP Code 14135SheridanChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14136Silver CreekChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14138South DaytonCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14139South WalesErieStandard
ZIP Code 14140Spring BrookErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14141SpringvilleErieStandard
ZIP Code 14143StaffordGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14144Stella NiagaraNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14145StrykersvilleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14150TonawandaErieStandard
ZIP Code 14151TonawandaErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14166Van Buren PointChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14167VarysburgWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14168VersaillesCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14169Wales CenterErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14170West FallsErieStandard
ZIP Code 14171West ValleyCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14172WilsonNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14173YorkshireCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14174YoungstownNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14201BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14202BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14203BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14204BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14205BuffaloErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14206BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14207BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14208BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14209BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14210BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14211BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14212BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14213BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14214BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14215BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14216BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14217BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14218BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14219BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14220BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14221BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14222BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14223BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14224BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14225BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14226BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14227BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14228BuffaloErieStandard
ZIP Code 14231BuffaloErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14233BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14240BuffaloErieP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14241BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14260BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14261BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14263BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14264BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14265BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14267BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14269BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14270BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14272BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14273BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14276BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14280BuffaloErieUnique
ZIP Code 14301Niagara FallsNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14302Niagara FallsNiagaraP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14303Niagara FallsNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14304Niagara FallsNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14305Niagara FallsNiagaraStandard
ZIP Code 14410Adams BasinMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14411AlbionOrleansStandard
ZIP Code 14413AltonWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14414AvonLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14415BellonaYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14416BergenGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14418BranchportYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14420BrockportMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14422ByronGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14423CaledoniaLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14424CanandaiguaOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14425FarmingtonOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14427CastileWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14428ChurchvilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14429ClarendonOrleansP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14430ClarksonMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14432Clifton SpringsOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14433ClydeWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14435ConesusLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14437DansvilleLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14441DresdenYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14443East BloomfieldOntarioP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14445East RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14449East WilliamsonWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14450FairportMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14452FancherOrleansP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14453FishersOntarioP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14454GeneseoLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14456GenevaOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14461GorhamOntarioP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14462GrovelandLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14463HallOntarioP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14464HamlinMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14466HemlockLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14467HenriettaMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14468HiltonMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14469BloomfieldOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14470HolleyOrleansStandard
ZIP Code 14471HoneoyeOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14472Honeoye FallsMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14475IoniaOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14476KendallOrleansStandard
ZIP Code 14477KentOrleansStandard
ZIP Code 14478Keuka ParkYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14479KnowlesvilleOrleansStandard
ZIP Code 14480LakevilleLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14481LeicesterLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14482Le RoyGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14485LimaLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14486LinwoodLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14487LivoniaLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14488Livonia CenterLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14489LyonsWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14502MacedonWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14504ManchesterOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14505MarionWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14506MendonMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14507MiddlesexYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14508MortonMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14510Mount MorrisLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14511MumfordMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14512NaplesOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14513NewarkWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14514North ChiliMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14515North GreeceMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14516North RoseWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14517NundaLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14518Oaks CornersOntarioP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14519OntarioWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14520Ontario CenterWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14521OvidSenecaStandard
ZIP Code 14522PalmyraWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14525PavilionGeneseeStandard
ZIP Code 14526PenfieldMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14527Penn YanYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14529PerkinsvilleSteubenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14530PerryWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14532PhelpsOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14533PiffardLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14534PittsfordMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14536PortagevilleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14537Port GibsonOntarioP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14538PultneyvilleWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14539RetsofLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14541RomulusSenecaStandard
ZIP Code 14542RoseWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14543RushMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14544RushvilleYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14545ScottsburgLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14546ScottsvilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14547Seneca CastleOntarioP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14548ShortsvilleOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14549Silver LakeWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14550Silver SpringsWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14551SodusWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14555Sodus PointWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14556SonyeaLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14557South ByronGeneseeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14558South LimaLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14559SpencerportMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14560SpringwaterLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14561StanleyOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14563Union HillWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14564VictorOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14568WalworthWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14569WarsawWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14571WaterportOrleansStandard
ZIP Code 14572WaylandSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14580WebsterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14585West BloomfieldOntarioStandard
ZIP Code 14586West HenriettaMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14588WillardSenecaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14589WilliamsonWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14590WolcottWayneStandard
ZIP Code 14591WyomingWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 14592YorkLivingstonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14602RochesterMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14603RochesterMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14604RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14605RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14606RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14607RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14608RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14609RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14610RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14611RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14612RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14613RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14614RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14615RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14616RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14617RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14618RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14619RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14620RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14621RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14622RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14623RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14624RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14625RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14626RochesterMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 14627RochesterMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14638RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14639RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14642RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14643RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14644RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14646RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14647RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14649RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14650RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14651RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14652RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14653RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14692RochesterMonroeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14694RochesterMonroeUnique
ZIP Code 14701JamestownChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14702JamestownChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14706AlleganyCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14707AllentownAlleganyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14708AlmaAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14709AngelicaAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14710AshvilleChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14711BelfastAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14712Bemus PointChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14714Black CreekAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14715BolivarAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14716BroctonChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14717CaneadeaAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14718CassadagaChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14719CattaraugusCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14720CeloronChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14721CeresAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14722ChautauquaChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14723Cherry CreekChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14724ClymerChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14726Conewango ValleyCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14727CubaAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14728DewittvilleChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14729East OttoCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14730East RandolphCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14731EllicottvilleCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14732EllingtonChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14733FalconerChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14735FillmoreAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14736Findley LakeChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14737FranklinvilleCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14738FrewsburgChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14739FriendshipAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14740GerryChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14741Great ValleyCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14742GreenhurstChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14743HinsdaleCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14744HoughtonAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14745HumeAlleganyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14747KennedyChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14748Kill BuckCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14750LakewoodChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14751LeonCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14752Lily DaleChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14753LimestoneCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14754Little GeneseeAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14755Little ValleyCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14756Maple SpringsChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14757MayvilleChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14758NiobeChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14760OleanCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14766OttoCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14767PanamaChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14769PortlandChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14770PortvilleCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14772RandolphCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14774RichburgAlleganyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14775RipleyChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14777RushfordAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14778Saint BonaventureCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14779SalamancaCattaraugusStandard
ZIP Code 14781ShermanChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14782SinclairvilleChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14783SteamburgCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14784StocktonChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14785StowChautauquaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14786West ClarksvilleAlleganyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14787WestfieldChautauquaStandard
ZIP Code 14788Westons MillsCattaraugusP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14801AddisonSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14802AlfredAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14803Alfred StationAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14804AlmondAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14805AlpineSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14806AndoverAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14807ArkportSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14808AtlantaSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14809AvocaSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14810BathSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14812Beaver DamsSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14813BelmontAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14814Big FlatsChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14815BradfordSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14816BreesportChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14817BrooktondaleTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 14818BurdettSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14819CameronSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14820Cameron MillsSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14821CampbellSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14822CanaseragaAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14823CanisteoSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14824CayutaSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14825ChemungChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14826CohoctonSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14827Coopers PlainsSteubenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14830CorningSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14831CorningSteubenUnique
ZIP Code 14836DaltonLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14837DundeeYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14838ErinChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14839GreenwoodSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14840HammondsportSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14841HectorSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14842HimrodYatesStandard
ZIP Code 14843HornellSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14845HorseheadsChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14846HuntLivingstonStandard
ZIP Code 14847InterlakenSenecaStandard
ZIP Code 14850IthacaTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 14851IthacaTompkinsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14852IthacaTompkinsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14853IthacaTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 14854JacksonvilleTompkinsP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14855JasperSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14856KanonaSteubenP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14857LakemontYatesP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14858LindleySteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14859LockwoodTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 14860LodiSenecaStandard
ZIP Code 14861LowmanChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14863MecklenburgSchuylerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14864MillportChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14865Montour FallsSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14867NewfieldTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 14869OdessaSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14870Painted PostSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14871Pine CityChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14872Pine ValleyChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14873PrattsburghSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14874PulteneySteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14876Reading CenterSchuylerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14877RexvilleSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14878Rock StreamSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14879SavonaSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14880ScioAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14881Slaterville SpringsTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 14882LansingTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 14883SpencerTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 14884SwainAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14885TroupsburgSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14886TrumansburgTompkinsStandard
ZIP Code 14887TyroneSchuylerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14889Van EttenChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14891Watkins GlenSchuylerStandard
ZIP Code 14892WaverlyTiogaStandard
ZIP Code 14893WayneSchuylerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14894WellsburgChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14895WellsvilleAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14897WhitesvilleAlleganyStandard
ZIP Code 14898WoodhullSteubenStandard
ZIP Code 14901ElmiraChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14902ElmiraChemungP.O. Box
ZIP Code 14903ElmiraChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14904ElmiraChemungStandard
ZIP Code 14905ElmiraChemungStandard
This table contains all Zip Code in New York

How many Zip Code are in New York?

Following the table above, you can see that New York covers 2153 ZIP Codes. Therefore, there are 2153 Zip codes in New York all together.

How to find New York Postal Code

To find the Zip Code New York, follow our table to lookup the New York Zip Code you seek for. You can also search the New York postal code on this page using the search features.

Search Zip Code New York by Map

The interactive map of zip codes in the US state New York can be gotten easily on Google Map. Go to Google Map, just click on the location you desire for a postal code/address for your mails destination. You can also enlarge the map to see the boundaries of US zip codes.

Search Teams Zip Code New York

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  • Buffalo New York Zip Code
  • Queens New York Zip Code
  • Albany New York Zip Code
  • Bronx New York Zip Code
  • Rochester New York Zip Code
  • Long Island New York Zip Code
  • Syracuse New York Zip Code
  • Random New York Zip Code
  • Us New York Zip Code
  • New City New York Zip Code
  • New York Mills New York Zip Code


If you’re here for the New York Zip Codes, United States, note that this list contains only 5-digit New York ZIP codes. You’re advised to use our zip code lookup by address (or map) feature to get the full 9-digit (ZIP+4) code.

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