All You Should Know About The NairaBet USSD Code

*5447# is the NairaBet USSD code.

With the NairaBet USSD code, you can open an account on the NairaBet website, place bets and do more without the use of an internet connection. NairaBET USSD is so good that you can now browse the NairaBET website with any kind of phone whether smartphones or local button phones (palasa phone) without the need for the internet.

The NairaBet USSD string it’s a complete platform on its own. With it, you can do most of the things you’d do on the NairaBET website when you visit the NairaBet agent shop or online.

No internet connection, no problem! You can still carry out your betting with NairaBet. Just imagine you betting on NairaBet website with your Nokia torchlight or even a “Palasa” phone. Funny right?

Note that in order for this to work; your phone number must be linked to a bank account. If you don’t, you’ll get the following error message: No bank is mapped with your mobile number or SP service time out!

What Can I Do With The NairaBet USSD Code

Using *5447#, you can do the following:

  • Open NairaBet account.
  • Fund your NairaBet account.
  • Check your NairaBet balance.
  • Place bet on your NariaBet account.
  • Make withdrawal request from your account.
  • Check your Nairabet account status.
  • Do customer-to-customer transfer (that is, transfer funds from your NairaBET account to another NairaBET account).

So without wasting much time, let’s get started with NairaBET USSD?

How to Activate NairaBet USSD on your Phone

To register and activate the NairaBet USSD code function on your mobile phone, take the following steps below:

All You Should Know About NairaBet USSD Code
NairaBet USSD Fundamental!

Step 1: Dial *5447#

From your mobile phone dial pad, dial the NairaBET USSD code *5447#. After that, the next screen options you’ll get will be based on two things stated below:

  • You don’t have a NairaBET account attached to that phone number.
  • You already have a NairaBET account attached to that phone number.

Step 2: If you don’t have a NairaBET account attached to that phone number yet

The screen that appears after dialing the NairaBet USSD *5447# will prompt you to create a NairaBET account. You may then create a totally new NairaBET account from there.

open Nairabet account with USSD

You’ll be prompted to enter your name; do so and then click “Send”. You’ll be asked for your email address and desired username on subsequent screens.

USSD code to create NairaBet account
Use the NairaBet USSD to open account

Fill up all of these details, and you’ll have a new NairaBET account in no time.

This isn’t just a USSD account; it’s also the account you’ll use on other NairaBET platforms, such as the website and physical locations (shop). Don’t worry, you’ll be given a password that you may use to log in to your account on the internet. If you choose, you can change the password later on the website.

Step 3: If you already have your phone number attached to your NairaBET account

Here, you’ll get a welcome screen asking you what you’d like to do during that session.

have Nairabet USSD account

This is where you can now select from the available options, such as funding your NairaBet account, placing a bet, withdrawing funds, checking bet status, or performing any other action on your NairaBET account.

Note that it’s the same on a non-smartphone (palasa)!

Choosing the action you want to take is as easy as replying to your network provider (SIM card network) with the number in front of your desired option. For example, press 1 to fund your account and press “Send”, as requested in the image above. Or press N button/key on your phone to get more options on the Next page. See image below).

Nairabet account with USSD code

How To Fund Your NairaBet Account With The NairaBet USSD Code

As a NairaBet customer, if you have been around NairaBET for a while, you already know that there’s a USSD code you can also use to fund your NairaBET account directly from your GTBank account aside from the NairaBet USSD code and the code is *737*50*Amount*88#.

But, if you use other banks or simply prefer to use the official NairaBET USSD, simply dial *5447# on your mobile phone (note, the mobile number must be linked with a bank alongside NairaBET account) and select the “Fund your account” option by pressing the number for it (it is set to be “1” at the time of writing this).

Then you’ll be directed to a screen where you can input the amount you want to deposit into your NairaBet account (minimum of N100).

fund account nairabet ussd amount

Press the “Send” button after entering the amount. And that’s all; your NairaBET account will be funded.

Learn More: Step By Step Guide On How To Fund NairaBet Account.

How to start placing a Bet With NairaBET USSD

You can choose the option for placing a bet by hitting 2 (or whatever number that option will carry in the future) and then pressing “Send”. This is just as you did when funding your NairaBet account.

However, you must already have a Bet Code to place a bet using NairaBet USSD (on the next page that appears). You don’t expect to find a game list on USSD, do you?

enter bet code nairabet ussd

Simply input your bet code and hit “Send”. You will have your bet placed immediately. You can get a NairaBet bet code by booking it online via the NairaBet website but these will require an internet connection.

The Faster Option To Place Your Bet Using NairaBet USSD Code

If you intend to save time and just place your bet straightaway with the NairaBet USSD, right from your phone home screen, simply dial *5447*Betcode*Amount# on the dial pad.

Instantly, your bet will be placed.

If after dialing the NairaBet USSD code above to place a bet, and you went to know if your Nairabet account online to confirm, and yes, my bet had been placed:

Others Ways To Use NairaBet USSD

To use NairaBET USSD for other purposes, simply select the desired option by tapping the associated number. When you go to the following page, just follow the instructions and provide whatever information is requested of you.

For example, when you dial NairaBet USSD and choose “Check bet status”, you’ll be required to enter your NairaBet betting slip number, as seen in the image below:

enter slip number nairabet ussd code

Following that, you’ll be presented your bet status, which will look like this:

check Bet status nairabet ussd

NOTE: You’ll only need to enter the beneficiary customer’s username for a Customer-to-Customer transfer.

customer to customer transfer using Nairabet USSD code

Is NairaBET USSD Code Free to Use?

This is most likely the question on your mind. I guess so?

The NairaBet management aims to make using NairaBET USSD completely free of charge, however, for now, it’s free on some networks in Nigeria while it’s not free on others.

NairaBET USSD is FREE on MTN Network!

You can use the NairaBET USSD platform for free if you have an MTN line, regardless of how many times you use it or how long you stay on it but for other networks, standard rates apply.

Other networks, on the other hand, would charge you a small fee for each NairaBET USSD session you do.

For example, as at the time of this date 17th September 2018, 9mobile deducts about N10 per session.

So far, so good; NairaBet is working to make it free on all networks, but for the time being, MTN is the only network that lets you use NairaBET USSD for free.

Do You Got any other question about NairaBET USSD?

This is a new invention in the sports betting market, and the NairaBet team understands that it will take some time to learn and adjust to. But I assure you that using NairaBET USSD is simple and straightforward.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comments section below and you will receive a prompt response shortly.

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