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TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator Review

Are you looking for a low budget generator with a good performance, consider buying Thermocool product TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator. In this article are all you should know about TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator Review.

TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator is among the Thermocool generators that have a low budget with high productivity performance. TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator features 1.25KVA, petrol type generator with a manual starting system, this generator is an affordable, reliable and high-performance generator for your home, office or place of business. This generator type falls under the category “JUNIOR SERIES” of the Thermocool generator. It has an optimized alternator design, capable of carrying a medium-sized fridge/freezer and other homes/office/business appliances, has 300 hours continuous running design, better fuel efficiency, good engine vibration, easy start-up and comes with an AVR.

Thermocool Generator TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator Review

In size, the TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator is pretty nice with a good design as it can fit in any space available and it said to be the best generator for your home, office or business users. Knowing more about the TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator review before buying one is the right thing to do as we here to guide you on the process.

Features of TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator

TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator features the following: 100% copper coil, fuel economy, low noise during operation, 100% power output guaranteed, long lifespan of the TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator, low cost of maintenance, safety running’s of equipment and appliances.

What Can TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator Power

Searching of the load requirement of TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator, here you are. TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator can carry a load of 3 pcs 60W bulb, 2 pcs 80W fan, 1 piece 200W TV, 1 piece 100W Home Theatre, 1 piece 150 liters medium size fridge/ freezer and still maintenance it running operations.

Full Specifications of TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator

Power Output (Max) : W 1100
Voltage : V 230
Current : A 4.3
Frequency : Hz 50
Power factor : cosɸ 1
Noise level (7m from front side) : dB(A) 68.00
Design life : Hours 300
Start method Recoil
Socket Locking, 1
Cooling style Forced air cooling
Cylinder Qty Single
Displacement : cc 98
Max Power : kw/rpm 1.80
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Oil capacity : L 0.4
Low oil shut down Yes
Recoil starter handle direction 2 o’clock
Fuel Recommended : # 90#/93#
Safety Standard SONCAP
Standart conformed ISO9001
Emission level Euroll
Rotor Windings Copper
Stator Windings Copper
Excitation Carbon brush
Main Circuit Breaker : A 4.4
DC output No
Engine Switch Push
Sockets locking
Voltmeter, VFT 3 in 1 No
Vibration absorber 4
KVA   1.25KVA
Half load continuous running time : Hours 18.9
Tank Capacity : L 8.5
Fuel tank   Medium
Full load continuous running time: Hours 10.5
Manual Yes
Hardware Tooling Yes
Warranty Card Yes
Plug Yes

Price of TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator

The price of the Thermocool TEC JUNIOR 1500MS varies from state to state, country to country, dealer to dealer, platform to platform and more. The price of Thermocool generator TEC JUNIOR 1500MS is between N60, 000 – N90, 000, this may add or reduced depending on the market policy.


If you do want to know how good is Thermocool generators, with the help of TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator review you will be able to determine if Thermocool generators are good or not. TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator is the best option for 1.25KVA for it is ideal to be used at home, office or business place such barber’s shops, hairdressing salons, Electric workshop, bet shops and more. TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator is very easy to maintain as their parts are fully available in the market. TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator is built for long-lasting lifespan which makes it pretty good for all homes.

For more information and where to buy TEC JUNIOR 1500MS generator and other Thermocool generator products, see CoolWorld and Thermocool official webpage.

2 thoughts on “TEC JUNIOR 1500MS Generator Review

  • JEF

    Thanks for your review on thermocool junior 1500ms, but am confused on which to buy between sumec firman spg 1800 and thermocool junior 1500ms. I need your advice, on which to choose. I want the best for maintenance, the best for fuel economy and the best for low noise. Thanks, I look forward for your reply.

    • Both are good generators to use but in maintenance, i will tell you that sumec firman spg 1800 seems to be ok because its engineers are ever ready on like thermocool product. reasons is that sumec firman product is everywhere in the country and at such, will get the best maintenance when compare to thermocool. In fuel economy and low noise, both are good but will get more noise when getting old. I hope this really help? Thanks.


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