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Complete List Of All West Virginia Zip Codes

If you ask; what is West Virginia’s ZIP Code? What is the city of West Virginia? What is zip or Postal Code United States? What is the wealthiest ZIP Code in West Virginia? Or Postal Codes West Virginia, United States.

West Virginia ZIP Codes is the range from 24701 to 26886. This state is located in United States of America (USA), North America. The listing of all Zip Codes in the state of West Virginia also includes; West Virginia Zip Codes by Population.

In this article, you will get to know the West Virginia ZIP Codes List, Map, Demographics, Postcode / West Virginia, ZIP code list of West Virginia Cities and Towns.

Detailed Information about the Zip Codes in West Virginia (WV)

State NameWest Virginia (WV)
Washington zip codes range24701 to 26886
Washington area codes range304, 540, 740
State CapitalCharleston
CountryUnited States (US)
RegionNorth America
Statehood Year1863
Area (mi²)24,230
Area (km²)62,756
Detailed Information about the Zip Codes in West Virginia

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How many zip codes does West Virginia have?

West Virginia covers 851 ZIP codes. With this, we have 851 active zip codes in West Virginia.

West Virginia Zip Codes Map

Here is the West Virginia zip codes map and demographics.

West Virginia Zip Codes Map
West Virginia Zip Codes Map

West Virginia ZIP Code List

ZIP Codes In West VirginiaCity In West VirginiaCounty In West VirginiaZIP Codes Type In West Virginia
ZIP Code 24701BluefieldMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24712AthensMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24714BeesonMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24715BramwellMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24716BudWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24719CovelWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24724FreemanMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24726HerndonWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24729HiawathaMercerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24731KegleyMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24732KellysvilleMercerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24733LashmeetMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24736MatoakaMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24737MontcalmMercerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24738NemoursMercerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24739PrincetonMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24740PrincetonMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24747RockMercerStandard
ZIP Code 24751WolfeMercerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24801WelchMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24808AnawaltMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24811AvondaleMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24813BartleyMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24815BerwindMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24816Big SandyMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24817BradshawMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24818BrentonWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24822Clear ForkWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24823Coal MountainWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24826CucumberMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24827CycloneWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24828DavyMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24829EckmanMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24830ElbertMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24831ElkhornMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24834FanrockWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24836GaryMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24839HanoverWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24843HensleyMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24844IaegerMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24845Ikes ForkWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24846IsabanMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24847ItmannWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24848JenkinjonesMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24849JesseWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24850JoloMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24851JusticeMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24853KimballMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24854KopperstonWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24855KyleMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24857LyncoWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24859MariannaWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24860MathenyWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24861MaybeuryMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24862MohawkMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24866NewhallMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24867New RichmondWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24868NorthforkMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24869North SpringWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24870OceanaWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24871PagetonMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24872PantherMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24873PaynesvilleMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24874PinevilleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24878PremierMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24879RaysalMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24880Rock ViewWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24881RoderfieldMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24882SimonWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24884SquireMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24887SwitchbackMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24888ThorpeMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24892WarMcdowellStandard
ZIP Code 24894WarriormineMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24895WilcoeMcdowellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24898WyomingWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 24901LewisburgGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24902FairleaGreenbrierP.O. Box
ZIP Code 24910AldersonMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24915ArbovalePocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 24916AsburyGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24918BallardMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24920BartowPocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 24924BuckeyePocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 24925CaldwellGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24927CassPocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 24931CrawleyGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24934DunmorePocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 24935Forest HillSummersStandard
ZIP Code 24938FrankfordGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24941Gap MillsMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24943Grassy MeadowsGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24944Green BankPocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 24945GreenvilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24946HillsboroPocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 24951LindsideMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24954MarlintonPocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 24957MaxweltonGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24962Pence SpringsSummersStandard
ZIP Code 24963PeterstownMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24966RenickGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24970RonceverteGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24974SecondcreekMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24976Sinks GroveMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24977SmootGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24981TalcottSummersStandard
ZIP Code 24983UnionMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24984WaitevilleMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24985WaysideMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 24986White Sulphur SpringsGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24991WilliamsburgGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 24993WolfcreekMonroeStandard
ZIP Code 25002AlloyFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25003Alum CreekKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25005AmmaRoaneStandard
ZIP Code 25007ArnettRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25008ArtieRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25009AshfordBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25011BancroftPutnamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25015BelleKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25019BickmoreClayStandard
ZIP Code 25021BimBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25022BlairLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25024BloomingroseBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25025BlountKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25026Blue CreekKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25028Bob WhiteBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25030BomontClayStandard
ZIP Code 25031BoomerFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25033BuffaloPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 25035Cabin CreekKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25036CanneltonFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25039Cedar GroveKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25040Charlton HeightsFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25043ClayClayStandard
ZIP Code 25044Clear CreekRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25045ClendeninKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25047ClothierLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25048ColcordRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25049ComfortBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25051CostaBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25053DanvilleBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25054DawesKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25057Deep WaterFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25059DixieNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 25060DorothyRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25061DrybranchKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25062Dry CreekRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25063DuckClayStandard
ZIP Code 25064DunbarKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25067East BankKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25070EleanorPutnamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25071ElkviewKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25075EskdaleKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25076EthelLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25079Falling RockKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25081FosterBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25082Fraziers BottomPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 25083GallagherKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25085Gauley BridgeFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25086GlasgowKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25088GlenClayStandard
ZIP Code 25090Glen FerrisFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25093GordonBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25102HandleyKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25103HansfordKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25106HendersonMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25107HernshawKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25108HewettBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25109HometownPutnamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25110HughestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25111IndoreClayStandard
ZIP Code 25112InstituteKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25113IvydaleClayStandard
ZIP Code 25114JeffreyBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25115Kanawha FallsFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25118KimberlyFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25119KincaidFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25121LakeLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25123LeonMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25124LibertyPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 25125LizemoresClayStandard
ZIP Code 25126LondonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25130MadisonBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25132MammothKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25133MayselClayStandard
ZIP Code 25134MiamiKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25136MontgomeryFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25139Mount CarbonFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25140NaomaRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25141NeboClayStandard
ZIP Code 25142NellisBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25143NitroKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25148OrgasBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25149OttawaBooneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25152PageFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25154PeytonaBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25156PinchKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25159PocaPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 25160Pond GapKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25161PowelltonFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25162PrattKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25164ProciousClayStandard
ZIP Code 25165RacineBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25168Red HousePutnamStandard
ZIP Code 25169RidgeviewBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25173RobsonFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25174Rock CreekRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25177Saint AlbansKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25180SaxonRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25181SethBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25183SharplesLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25185Mount OliveFayetteUnique
ZIP Code 25186SmithersFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25187SouthsideMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25193SylvesterBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25201TadKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25202TornadoKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25203Turtle CreekBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25204TwilightBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25205UneedaBooneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25206VanBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25208WhartonBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25209WhitesvilleBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25211WidenClayP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25213WinfieldPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 25214WinifredeKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25231AdventJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25234ArnoldsburgCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 25235ChloeCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 25239CottagevilleJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25241EvansJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25243GandeevilleRoaneStandard
ZIP Code 25244GayJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25245GivenJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25247HartfordMasonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25248KennaJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25251Left HandRoaneStandard
ZIP Code 25252Le RoyJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25253LetartMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25259LooneyvilleRoaneStandard
ZIP Code 25260MasonMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25261MillstoneCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 25262MillwoodJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25264Mount AltoMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25265New HavenMasonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25266NewtonRoaneStandard
ZIP Code 25267NormantownGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 25268OrmaCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 25270ReedyRoaneStandard
ZIP Code 25271RipleyJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25275SandyvilleJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 25276SpencerRoaneStandard
ZIP Code 25285WallbackClayStandard
ZIP Code 25286WaltonRoaneStandard
ZIP Code 25287West ColumbiaMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25301CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25302CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25303South CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25304CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25305CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25306CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25309South CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25311CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25312CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25313CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25314CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25315CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25317CharlestonKanawhaUnique
ZIP Code 25320CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25321CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25322CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25323CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25324CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25325CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25326CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25327CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25328CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25329CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25330CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25331CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25332CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25333CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25334CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25335CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25336CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25337CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25338CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25339CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25350CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25356CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25357CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25358CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25360CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25361CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25362CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25364CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25365CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25375CharlestonKanawhaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25387CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25389CharlestonKanawhaStandard
ZIP Code 25392CharlestonKanawhaUnique
ZIP Code 25396CharlestonKanawhaUnique
ZIP Code 25401MartinsburgBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25402MartinsburgBerkeleyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25403MartinsburgBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25404MartinsburgBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25405MartinsburgBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25410BakertonJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25411Berkeley SpringsMorganStandard
ZIP Code 25413Bunker HillBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25414Charles TownJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 25419Falling WatersBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25420GerrardstownBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25421GlengaryBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25422Great CacaponMorganStandard
ZIP Code 25423HalltownJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25425Harpers FerryJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 25427HedgesvilleBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25428InwoodBerkeleyStandard
ZIP Code 25430KearneysvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 25431LevelsHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 25432MillvilleJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 25434Paw PawMorganStandard
ZIP Code 25437PointsHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 25438RansonJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 25440RidgewayBerkeleyP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25441RipponJeffersonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25442Shenandoah JunctionJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 25443ShepherdstownJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 25444SlanesvilleHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 25446Summit PointJeffersonStandard
ZIP Code 25501AlkolLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25502Apple GroveMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25503AshtonMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25504BarboursvilleCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25505Big CreekLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25506BranchlandLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25507CeredoWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25508ChapmanvilleLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25510CullodenCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25511DunlowWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25512East LynnWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25514Fort GayWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25515Gallipolis FerryMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25517GenoaWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25520GlenwoodMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25521GriffithsvilleLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25523HamlinLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25524HartsLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25526HurricanePutnamStandard
ZIP Code 25529JulianBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25530KenovaWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25534KiahsvilleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25535LavaletteWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25537LesageCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25540MidkiffLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25541MiltonCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25544MyraLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25545OnaCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25547Pecks MillLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25550Point PleasantMasonStandard
ZIP Code 25555PrichardWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25557RangerLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25559Salt RockCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25560Scott DepotPutnamStandard
ZIP Code 25562ShoalsWayneP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25564SodLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25565SpurlockvilleLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25567SumercoLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25569TeaysPutnamP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25570WayneWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25571West HamlinLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25572WoodvilleBooneStandard
ZIP Code 25573YawkeyLincolnStandard
ZIP Code 25601LoganLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25606AccovilleLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25607AmherstdaleLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25608BaisdenMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25611BrunoLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25612ChaunceyLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25614CoraLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25617DavinLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25621GilbertMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25624HenlawsonLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25625HoldenLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25628KistlerLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25630LoradoLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25632LyburnLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25634MalloryLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25635ManLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25637Mount GayLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25638OmarLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25639Peach CreekLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25644Sarah AnnLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25646StollingsLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25647SwitzerLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25649VerdunvilleLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25650VernerMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25651WharncliffeMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25652WhitmanLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25653WilkinsonLoganP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25654YolynLoganStandard
ZIP Code 25661WilliamsonMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25665BorderlandMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25666BreedenMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25667ChattaroyMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25669CrumWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25670DelbartonMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25671DingessMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25672EdgartonMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25674KermitMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25676LenoreMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25678MatewanMingoStandard
ZIP Code 25685NaugatuckMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25686NewtownMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25688North MatewanMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25690RaglandMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25691RawlMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25692Red JacketMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25696VarneyMingoP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25699WilsondaleWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25701HuntingtonCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25702HuntingtonCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25703HuntingtonCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25704HuntingtonWayneStandard
ZIP Code 25705HuntingtonCabellStandard
ZIP Code 25706HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25707HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25708HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25709HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25710HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25711HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25712HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25713HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25714HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25715HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25716HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25717HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25718HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25719HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25720HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25721HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25722HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25723HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25724HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25725HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25726HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25727HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25728HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25729HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25755HuntingtonCabellUnique
ZIP Code 25770HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25771HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25772HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25773HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25774HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25775HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25776HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25777HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25778HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25779HuntingtonCabellP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25801BeckleyRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25802BeckleyRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25810Allen JunctionWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25811AmigoWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 25812AnstedFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25813BeaverRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25817BoltRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25818BradleyRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25820Camp CreekMercerStandard
ZIP Code 25823Coal CityRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25825Cool RidgeRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25826CorinneWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25827Crab OrchardRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25831DaneseFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25832DanielsRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25833DothanFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25836EcclesRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25837EdmondFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25839FairdaleRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25840FayettevilleFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25841Flat TopMercerStandard
ZIP Code 25843GhentRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25844Glen DanielRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25845Glen ForkWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 25846Glen JeanFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25848Glen RogersWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 25849Glen WhiteRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25851HarperRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25853HelenRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25854HicoFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25855HilltopFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25857JosephineRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25860LanarkRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25862LansingFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25864LaylandFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25865LesterRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25866LochgellyFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25868LookoutFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25870MabenWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 25871MabscottRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25873Mac ArthurRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25875Mc GrawsWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25876SaulsvilleWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 25878MidwayRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25879MindenFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25880Mount HopeFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25882MullensWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 25888Mount HopeFayetteUnique
ZIP Code 25901Oak HillFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25902OddRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25904PaxFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25906Piney ViewRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25907PrinceFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25908PrincewickRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25909ProsperityRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25911RaleighRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25913RavencliffWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 25915RhodellRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25916SabineWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25917ScarbroFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25918Shady SpringRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25919SkeltonRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25920Slab ForkRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25921SophiaRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25922SpanishburgMercerStandard
ZIP Code 25927StanafordRaleighP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25928StephensonWyomingStandard
ZIP Code 25932SurveyorRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 25936ThurmondFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25938VictorFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25942WinonaFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25943WycoWyomingP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25951HintonSummersStandard
ZIP Code 25958CharmcoGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 25962RainelleGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 25966Green Sulphur SpringsSummersP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25969Jumping BranchSummersStandard
ZIP Code 25971LeronaMercerStandard
ZIP Code 25972LeslieGreenbrierP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25976Meadow BridgeFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 25977Meadow CreekSummersStandard
ZIP Code 25978NimitzSummersStandard
ZIP Code 25979PipestemSummersStandard
ZIP Code 25981QuinwoodGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 25984RupertGreenbrierStandard
ZIP Code 25985SandstoneSummersStandard
ZIP Code 25986Spring DaleFayetteP.O. Box
ZIP Code 25989White OakRaleighStandard
ZIP Code 26003WheelingOhioStandard
ZIP Code 26030Beech BottomBrookeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26031BenwoodMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 26032BethanyBrookeStandard
ZIP Code 26033CameronMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 26034ChesterHancockStandard
ZIP Code 26035ColliersBrookeStandard
ZIP Code 26036DallasMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 26037FollansbeeBrookeStandard
ZIP Code 26038Glen DaleMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 26039Glen EastonMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 26040McmechenMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 26041MoundsvilleMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 26047New CumberlandHancockStandard
ZIP Code 26050NewellHancockStandard
ZIP Code 26055ProctorMarshallStandard
ZIP Code 26056New ManchesterHancockP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26058Short CreekBrookeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26059TriadelphiaOhioStandard
ZIP Code 26060Valley GroveOhioStandard
ZIP Code 26062WeirtonHancockStandard
ZIP Code 26070WellsburgBrookeStandard
ZIP Code 26074West LibertyOhioP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26075Windsor HeightsBrookeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26101ParkersburgWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26102ParkersburgWoodP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26103ParkersburgWoodP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26104ParkersburgWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26105ViennaWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26106ParkersburgWoodUnique
ZIP Code 26120Mineral WellsWoodUnique
ZIP Code 26121Mineral WellsWoodUnique
ZIP Code 26133BellevilleWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26134BelmontPleasantsStandard
ZIP Code 26136Big BendCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 26137Big SpringsCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 26138BrohardWirtStandard
ZIP Code 26141CrestonWirtStandard
ZIP Code 26142DavisvilleWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26143ElizabethWirtStandard
ZIP Code 26146FriendlyTylerStandard
ZIP Code 26147GrantsvilleCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 26148MacfarlanRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26149MiddlebourneTylerStandard
ZIP Code 26150Mineral WellsWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26151Mount ZionCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 26152MundayCalhounStandard
ZIP Code 26155New MartinsvilleWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26159Paden CityWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26160PalestineWirtStandard
ZIP Code 26161PetroleumRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26162Porters FallsWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26164RavenswoodJacksonStandard
ZIP Code 26167ReaderWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26169RockportWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26170Saint MarysPleasantsStandard
ZIP Code 26175SistersvilleTylerStandard
ZIP Code 26178SmithvilleRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26180WalkerWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26181WashingtonWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26184WaverlyWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26187WilliamstownWoodStandard
ZIP Code 26201BuckhannonUpshurStandard
ZIP Code 26202FenwickNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26203ErbaconWebsterStandard
ZIP Code 26205CraigsvilleNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26206CowenWebsterStandard
ZIP Code 26208Camden On GauleyWebsterStandard
ZIP Code 26209SnowshoePocahontasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26210AdrianUpshurStandard
ZIP Code 26215ClevelandUpshurStandard
ZIP Code 26217DianaWebsterStandard
ZIP Code 26218French CreekUpshurStandard
ZIP Code 26219FrenchtonUpshurP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26222Hacker ValleyWebsterStandard
ZIP Code 26224HelvetiaRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26228Kanawha HeadUpshurStandard
ZIP Code 26229LorentzUpshurP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26230PickensRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26234Rock CaveUpshurStandard
ZIP Code 26236SelbyvilleUpshurStandard
ZIP Code 26237TallmansvilleUpshurStandard
ZIP Code 26238VolgaBarbourStandard
ZIP Code 26241ElkinsRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26250BelingtonBarbourStandard
ZIP Code 26253BeverlyRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26254BowdenRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26257CoaltonRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26259DaileyRandolphP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26260DavisTuckerStandard
ZIP Code 26261RichwoodNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26263DryforkRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26264DurbinPocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 26266UppergladeWebsterStandard
ZIP Code 26267EllamoreRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26268GladyRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26269HambletonTuckerStandard
ZIP Code 26270HarmanRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26271HendricksTuckerStandard
ZIP Code 26273HuttonsvilleRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26275JuniorBarbourP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26276KerensRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26278MabieRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26280Mill CreekRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26282MontervilleRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26283MontroseRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26285NortonRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26287ParsonsTuckerStandard
ZIP Code 26288Webster SpringsWebsterStandard
ZIP Code 26289Red CreekTuckerStandard
ZIP Code 26291SlatyforkPocahontasStandard
ZIP Code 26292ThomasTuckerStandard
ZIP Code 26293Valley BendRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26294Valley HeadRandolphStandard
ZIP Code 26296WhitmerRandolphP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26298BergooWebsterStandard
ZIP Code 26301ClarksburgHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26302ClarksburgHarrisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26306ClarksburgHarrisonUnique
ZIP Code 26320AlmaTylerStandard
ZIP Code 26321Alum BridgeLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26323AnmooreHarrisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26325AuburnRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26327BereaRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26330BridgeportHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26335BurnsvilleBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26337CairoRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26338CamdenLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26339Center PointDoddridgeStandard
ZIP Code 26342Coxs MillsGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 26343CrawfordLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26346EllenboroRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26347FlemingtonTaylorStandard
ZIP Code 26348FolsomWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26349GallowayBarbourP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26351GlenvilleGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 26354GraftonTaylorStandard
ZIP Code 26361GypsyHarrisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26362HarrisvilleRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26366HaywoodHarrisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26369HepzibahHarrisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26372HornerLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26374IndependencePrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26376IrelandLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26377JacksonburgWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26378Jane LewLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26384LinnGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 26385Lost CreekHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26386LumberportHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26404MeadowbrookHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26405MoatsvilleBarbourStandard
ZIP Code 26408Mount ClareHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26410NewburgPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26411New MiltonDoddridgeStandard
ZIP Code 26412OrlandoLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26415PennsboroRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26416PhilippiBarbourStandard
ZIP Code 26419Pine GroveWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26421PullmanRitchieStandard
ZIP Code 26422ReynoldsvilleHarrisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26424RosemontTaylorP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26425RowlesburgPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26426SalemHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26430Sand ForkGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 26431ShinnstonHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26434ShirleyTylerP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26435SimpsonTaylorP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26436SmithburgDoddridgeP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26437SmithfieldWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26438SpelterHarrisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26440ThorntonTaylorStandard
ZIP Code 26443TroyGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 26444TunneltonPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26447WalkersvilleLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26448WallaceHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26451West MilfordHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26452WestonLewisStandard
ZIP Code 26456West UnionDoddridgeStandard
ZIP Code 26463WyattHarrisonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26501MorgantownMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26502MorgantownMonongaliaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26504MorgantownMonongaliaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26505MorgantownMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26506MorgantownMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26507MorgantownMonongaliaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26508MorgantownMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26519AlbrightPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26520ArthurdalePrestonP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26521BlacksvilleMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26524BretzPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26525Bruceton MillsPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26527CassvilleMonongaliaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26531DellslowMonongaliaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26534GranvilleMonongaliaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26537KingwoodPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26541MaidsvilleMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26542MasontownPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26543OsageMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26544PentressMonongaliaP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26546PursgloveMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26547ReedsvillePrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26554FairmontMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26555FairmontMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26559BarrackvilleMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26560BaxterMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26561Big RunWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26562BurtonWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26563CarolinaMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26566ColfaxMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26568EnterpriseHarrisonStandard
ZIP Code 26570FairviewMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26571FarmingtonMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26572Four StatesMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26574Grant TownMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26575HundredWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26576IdamayMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26578KingmontMarionP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26581LittletonWetzelStandard
ZIP Code 26582ManningtonMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26585MetzMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26586Montana MinesMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26587RachelMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26588RivesvilleMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26590WanaMonongaliaStandard
ZIP Code 26591WorthingtonMarionStandard
ZIP Code 26601SuttonBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26610Birch RiverNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26611CedarvilleGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 26615CopenBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26617DilleClayStandard
ZIP Code 26619ExchangeBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26621FlatwoodsBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26623FrametownBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26624GassawayBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26627HeatersBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26629Little BirchBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26631NapierBraxtonStandard
ZIP Code 26636RosedaleGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 26638ShockGilmerStandard
ZIP Code 26651SummersvilleNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26656BelvaNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26660CalvinNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26662CanvasNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26667DrennenNicholasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26671GilboaNicholasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26675Keslers Cross LanesNicholasP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26676LeivasyNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26678Mount LookoutNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26679Mount NeboNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26680NallenFayetteStandard
ZIP Code 26681NettieNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26684PoolNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26690SwissNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26691TiogaNicholasStandard
ZIP Code 26704AugustaHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26705AuroraPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26707BayardGrantP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26710BurlingtonMineralStandard
ZIP Code 26711Capon BridgeHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26714DelrayHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26716EglonPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26717Elk GardenMineralStandard
ZIP Code 26719Fort AshbyMineralStandard
ZIP Code 26720GormaniaGrantStandard
ZIP Code 26722Green SpringHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26726KeyserMineralStandard
ZIP Code 26731LahmansvilleGrantStandard
ZIP Code 26739Mount StormGrantStandard
ZIP Code 26743New CreekMineralStandard
ZIP Code 26750PiedmontMineralStandard
ZIP Code 26753RidgeleyMineralStandard
ZIP Code 26755RioHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26757RomneyHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26761ShanksHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26763SpringfieldHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26764Terra AltaPrestonStandard
ZIP Code 26767Wiley FordMineralStandard
ZIP Code 26801BakerHardyStandard
ZIP Code 26802BrandywinePendletonStandard
ZIP Code 26804CirclevillePendletonStandard
ZIP Code 26807FranklinPendletonStandard
ZIP Code 26808High ViewHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26810Lost CityHardyStandard
ZIP Code 26812MathiasHardyStandard
ZIP Code 26814RivertonPendletonStandard
ZIP Code 26815Sugar GrovePendletonStandard
ZIP Code 26817BloomeryHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26818FisherHardyStandard
ZIP Code 26823Capon SpringsHampshireP.O. Box
ZIP Code 26833MaysvilleGrantStandard
ZIP Code 26836MoorefieldHardyStandard
ZIP Code 26838MilamHardyStandard
ZIP Code 26845Old FieldsHardyStandard
ZIP Code 26847PetersburgGrantStandard
ZIP Code 26851WardensvilleHardyStandard
ZIP Code 26852PurgitsvilleHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26855CabinsGrantStandard
ZIP Code 26865Yellow SpringHampshireStandard
ZIP Code 26866Upper TractPendletonStandard
ZIP Code 26884Seneca RocksPendletonStandard
ZIP Code 26886OnegoPendletonP.O. Box
a-z list of all West Virginia (WV) zip codes

West Virginia Demographic Information

Find in the table West Virginia demographic information. And the West Virginia Zip Codes by population data are from the 2021 American Community Survey.

Total population of for West Virginia:1,793,716
Male population of for West Virginia:888,898
Female population of for West Virginia:904,818
Median age (years):42.9
White Population:1,610,749
Black Population:65,813
Indian Population:3,706
Asian Population:15,109
Hawaiian Population:476
Hispanic Population:34,827
Median age (Male):41.7
Median age (Female):44.2
Total Households:743,442
Married-Couple Households: 
Average Household Size for West Virginia:2.34
Average family size of for West Virginia:3.04
Total housing units for West Virginia:855,635
West Virginia Demographic Information

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