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If you are searching to know what Chipper Cash is all about, you have come to the right page. In this post, you should be able to know the following; How does Chipper Cash app work? Which bank owns Chipper Cash? How do I get my Cash from Chipper? Is Chipper Cash trusted?

Are you ready to join over 4 million people securely sending and receiving money with Chipper Cash. Chipper cash is a great app to send and receive money across a number of countries. It helps your transact across Africa and beyond.

Using the Chipper Cash App, move money across town, across Africa or across an ocean is possible. I said Chipper Cash is the borderless way to send and receive money without obstruction.

As of the time of writing, Chipper cash is available in 9 countries today, with many more coming soon I hope so. Chipper cash community is powered by over 3 million users, and with that, they are just getting started.

What is Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash allows you move money across town, across Africa or across an ocean. The Chipper Cash is the borderless way to send and receive money fast and secure.

With Chipper Cash, you can easily and securely send and receive money across Africa. It is the fastest and easy way for those within African and beyond to move their money freely.

Chipper Cash App help you transfer funds across town and across Africa, right from your mobile phone. You successfully download and activate the Chipper Cash application on your mobile device, it helps you transact across Africa and beyond.

Benefits of using Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash comes with lots of benefits. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy while using Chipper Cash:

  • You have the ability to send and receive money both within and outside of your country. Chipper Cash can also be used to send money from Africa to the United Kingdom.
  • On Chipper Cash, sending money to receivers and beneficiaries is completely free. There are no additional fees for service.
  • Chipper Cash is a responsive and user-friendly smartphone app. The user interface is simple and beautiful, and the user experience is quick and easy.
  • When there are problems or system glitches, refunds are issued and transactions are reversed quickly.
  • Your Chipper Cash account is easy to locate.
  • When you recommend friends and family to Chipper Cash, you can earn money.
  • When you have an urgent need, you can ask your friends and family for money.
  • Chipper Cash offers accessible and dependable customer service support.

Chipper Cash head office address

The Head Office of Chipper Cash is located in San Francisco, California, United States. At the time of publishing, there are 18 employee profiles registered at this location.

How To download Chipper Cash App

You can download the Chipper Cash App from the Chipper Cash official website at, enter your phone number and tap the download the app button next to the your phone number field.

Downloading the Chipper Cash app through their website, you are going to get personalized setting that suits your device type. This is to say upon downloading the app via Chipper Cash website, it’s going to determine whether your device is Android or iOS.

Also, Android user can download the Chipper Cash app on Google Play Store while iOS users can download the Chipper Cash App on Apple Store. To get started, go to your App Store (Android or iOS), in the search bar, type Chipper Cash, tap the install button next to the Chipper Cash icon.

At the time of publishing, there is no browser version of Chipper Cash that can be used for transactions. You can only make use of the Chipper Cash mobile app.

Therefore, to download the Chipper Cash mobile app for Android, go to the Google Play store while iPhone users should visit the app store (Apple Store).

Countries that use Chipper Cash

Here you will get to know Chipper Cash supported countries. At the time of publishing, Chipper Cash is supported in only 9 countries for sending and receiving payments across the countries, it is helpful for companies in Ghana. And the Chipper Cash management has made it known on their website that more countries will be added soon.

Below are the countries that use Chipper Cash:

  1. Nigeria
  2. United Kingdom
  3. USA
  4. Tanzania
  5. South Africa
  6. Uganda
  7. Rwanda
  8. Ghana
  9. Kenya

How does Chipper Cash app work?

Chipper Cash account number works just like your regular bank account number; with it, people can send money into the Chipper Cash account number from their banks or banking apps.

Then, the funds will be deposited directly to your Chipper Wallet.

Which bank owns Chipper Cash?

The SVB Capital investment arm of U.S. high-tech commercial bank Silicon Valley Bank led this Series C round. That’s to say SVB-led $100M investment makes Chipper Cash Africa’s most valuable startup.

How do I get my Cash from Chipper?

All you have to do now is deposit the funds into your Chipper Cash account and send them to the recipient. After receiving the funds, the recipient can deposit them into his/her bank account, and the transaction is complete.

Also note that when you send money with Chipper Cash, there are no service fees.

Is Chipper Cash trusted?

To know if Chipper Cash can be trusted, Chipper Cash will never ask you to pay to acquire a loan, just verify your Chipper Cash account, or earn a greater referral incentive (bonus).

Note that anyone who phones or sends you an unsolicited message requesting payment before providing Chipper Cash services is almost probably a scammers/fraudsters.

Chipper Cash App

How to Use Chipper Cash App

To use Chipper Cash app start with registering an account with them. To register an account with Chipper Cash, your phone number is the only prerequisite for creating an account with Chipper Cash.

Alternatively, you can use your email address. After that, you’ll need to enter the verification code that was delivered to the phone number or email address you used to register Chipper Cash.

Before dive in on how to register Chipper Cash account, let’s first know the requirement needed in creating the Chipper Cash account.

Requirements needed to open a Chipper Cash account

Among all, your phone is the basic requirement needed to open an account with Chipper Cash. Also, you will need the details below:

  • Your full name.
  • Valid email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Now that you have known the requirements involve in registering Chipper Cash account, the next step is to create your Chipper Cash account. Follow the steps below:

How to register Chipper Cash

Note that if you registered Chipper Cash with your phone number, you can either hit the dial button or manually type/dial the provided USSD shortcode on your phone’s dialer to verify your number.

Every time you sign in to your account and every time you sign out of the app, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number.

How to open a Chipper Cash account

If you do ask how to open Chipper Cash account, this is a simple thing to do and you will be done in just a few minutes. Please, follow the instructions below to open a Chipper Cash account:

Step 1: Download the Chipper Cash app

You can download the Chipper Cash App from the Google Play Store (For Android users). Or you can download Chipper Cash application from the App Store if you’re iPhone users.

Step 2: Launch the Chipper Cash app

After downloading the Chipper Cash app, the next will be launching the app. So, launch the Chipper Cash app and proceed to sign up.

Step 3: Use email or phone number for sign up

When done launching the Chipper Cash app, you will be ask to input your mobile phone number for verification. Also, you can make use of your email.

Step 4: Verify your account

Upon complete the above steps, a verification code will be sent to your phone number or email. This is usually 6 digits. Confirm it to continue.

Step 5: Input your details

After completing the verification process, you are to input your details. This details includes; your name and other necessary information.

Step 6: Create user name for payments

You are required to create your unique username which you will use to send and receive payments on Chipper Cash network.

Step 7: Pick a currency

Almost done with the Chipper Cash account setup, now choose the currency of the country you are residing in. This is going to be your default currency for all transactions on your Chipper Cash account.

Step 8: Set security code

Set your Chipper Cash security code for transactions. Do make it unique and secure.

Lastly, be patient for some seconds while your Chipper Cash account is getting initialized.

How to deposit money on Chipper Cash account

Login to your Chipper Cash account then click the “Add Cash” button to deposit money or fund your Chipper Cash account. After that, you’ll be sent to a page where you’ll be asked to add a card as a payment method. Complete the procedure by entering your credit/debit card details.

How to send money on Chipper Cash

To send money on Chipper Cash is easier when compared to most bank apps and e-wallets in Africa.

Below are things to take into consideration when sending money through Chipper Cash:

  • Chipper Cash users in your phone book might be contacted for money and you can send money to them.
  • If your recipient has not yet signed up for Chipper Cash, you can send them an invitation to do so. An SMS will be sent by the app. You will be repaid if the beneficiary does not register with Chipper Cash and claim the funds.

To send money to the beneficiary, let’s follow these steps:

  • Login to your Chipper Cash account.
  • Tap the send button on the dashboard.
  • Next, select the beneficiary from your contact list. At this point, you will also see the country of each user and the registered full name.
  • Also, you can search for other users who are not on your contact list by using their username.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send to them and then confirm your security code. Instantly, the transaction will be processed.

How to withdraw money from Chipper Cash into your bank account

How to withdraw money from Chipper Cash to your bank account is very simple to do. To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Chipper Cash account.
  • tap on your profile.
  • Tap on “Cash Out”.
  • Enter the amount and your money will be sent to your bank account linked with the Chipper Cash account.
  • Note, in case you are yet to set up your bank account details, go to your profile.
  • Tap “Payment methods” and set up your bank details.

Get a Nigerian bank account through Chipper Cash

Nigerians can now get an accessory bank account through Chipper Cash. Thanks to a partnership between Chipper Cash and Providus Bank in Nigeria that makes this process a success.

The recipient’s Chipper account will be credited if someone pays money to that account number.

At the time of writing this post, this feature, however, is not activated by default. It is up to you to turn it on. To do so, go to your profile and click on the account digits to do so (Note, only the first 4 digits are shown). “Providus Bank” is written beneath that number.

By clicking on it, you will make a request to Chipper Cash’s management. Your request will be considered, and you will be contacted. For a variety of reasons, receiving feedback could take hours or days.

Is it safe to use Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash has been around for a while. Its users have given it a very high rating. That’s most likely why Chipper Cash has 3 million users, 10,000 new users per day, and 80,000 daily transactions.

The Roma football club is currently Chipper Cash’s partner. Many trustworthy companies, the majority of which you are familiar with, are also promoting Chipper Cash. BBC, Forbes, Tech Crunch, The Economist, and even the respected Apple corporation are among them.

Chipper Cash is a legitimate and secure payment method. Their headquarters are in San Francisco, California, USA. At this location, there are 17 investor profiles and 18 employee profiles.


Chipper Cash is one of the top Fintech applications for currency conversion that is both good and inexpensive. As a result, sending money to other nations at fair exchange rates is simple.

I hope you find in the guide all you should know about Chipper Cash, how to use Chipper Cash, and how Chipper Cash works.

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