All GOtv Jolli Channels List Package and Subscription Prices

Do you want to know GOtv Jolli Channels or ask; What are the channels on GOtv Jolli package? How much does GOtv Jolli cost? Is Channel 29 Jolli on GOtv? Is there Zeeworld on GOtv jolli? Which channels are on GOtv Jolli? How many channels are in GOtv Jolli?

You are on the right page to find the above answers about GOtv Jolli. We will be discussing more on the list of GOtv Jolli channels. So here we get your questions answered on how many channels does GOtv Jolli have?

When compared to GOtv Max channels, GOtv Jolli is one of the GOtv packages that offers affordable entertainment through a number of carefully selected TV channels oriented toward cable TV consumers in search of better value for your money through flexible payment choices.

A product of the gigantic media company MultiChoice Africa is GOtv Nigeria. Due to the high, satisfying, and reasonably priced services, it is frequently used and highly well-liked by TV viewers around the country.

Intense competition from other Pay-TV service providers has been avoided by GOtv Nigeria by enhancing and introducing more attractive packages for its customers. As a result, it offers a variety of TV bundles that are affordable, including the GOtv Jolli package.

What Is GOtv Jolli Package?

The GOtv Jolli package is a fun GOtv bouquet that provides amazing value. This plan includes a ton of channels from a variety of genres with the aim of giving users a really satisfying amount of screen time.

The GOtv Jolli is made to please every member of the family. It covers all of the main entertainment genres, including novels, sports, movies, music, and television.

After going over the special aspects of the GOtv Jolli bundle, you’ll understand why most families in Nigeria and all of Africa choose it.

How much is the GOtv Jolli Package?

The GOtv Jolli bouquet package is both incredibly inexpensive and quite fun. It costs N2,460 a month (30 days) and offers up to 67+ channels divided into many fun categories.

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List of GOtv Jolli Channels

GOtv Jolli Channels
GOtv Jolli Channels

GOtv Jolli Channels List

After subscribing to the GOtv Jolli package, 69+ channels are unlocked. To give customers quality viewing time, the channel list covers numerous genres. The complete list of channels for each genre on GOtv Jolli is listed below:

GOtv Jolli General Entertainment Channels

GOtv Jolli delivers real-time entertainment to its customers with the provision of 13+ channels dedicated to keeping viewers well entertained. See below the GOtv Jolli general entertainment channel list with channel number:

  • TELEVISTA – channel 15
  • ROK 2 – channel 17
  • ROK 3 – channel 18
  • AFRICA MAGIC FAMILY – channel 2
  • CBS REALITY – channel 22
  • DISCOVERY FAMILY – channel 50
  • AFRICA MAGIC IGBO – channel 11
  • AFRICA MAGIC YORUBA – channel 5
  • AFRICA MAGIC HAUSA – channel 4
  • REAL-TIME – channel 12
  • E! ENTERTAINMENT – channel 26
  • TVC ENTERTAINMENT – channel 27
  • TRYBE TV – channel 97

GOtv Jolli Novella Channels

The GOtv Jolli Novella channels is an over time that has gained the interest of women, and GOtv Jolli made it accessible. Therefore, to keep the female folk updated on all novella entertainment, GOtv Jolli package provided the channels listed below alongside their channel number:

  • ZEE WORLD – channel 25
  • EVA+ – channel 13
  • TELEMUNDO – channel 14
  • NOVELLA MAGIC – channel 20

GOtv Jolli Movies Channels

With GOtv Jolli, movie lovers aren’t left out. It has channels specifically for movies ranging from action movies, adventure, and many more. GOtv Jolli movies channels have 3 channels. They are as follow:

  • B4U MOVIES – channel 24
  • TNT AFRICA – channel 16
  • AFRICA MAGIC – channel 9

GOtv Jolli Documentary, Lifestyle & Education

The GOtv Jolli Documentary, Lifestyle & Education channels is there to provide quality Lifestyle & Education programs and Documentaries. Here, you get 2 channel lists.

  • NAT GEO WILD – channel 51
  • SPICE TV – 10

GOtv Jolli Sport Channels

Sports lovers are also covered with GOtv Jolli package, GOtv Jolli has channels designated to provide steady sports content, including live matches and highlights.

  • SUPERSPORTS BLITZ – channel 30
  • SUPERSPORTS SELECT 2 – channel 34

GOtv Jolli News & Commerce Channels

GOtv Jolli subscribers can stay informed and updated on happenings with various local and international channels dedicated to 24hours news updates around the world.

  • NTA PARLIAMENT – channel 115
  • ALJAZEERA – channel 40
  • TVC NEWS – channel 45
  • NTA NEWS 24 – channel 46
  • CHANNELS TV – channel 95
  • ARISE NEWS – channel 44
  • CNN – channel 42
  • BBC WORLD NEWS – channel 41

GOtv Jolli Kids & Teens Channels

The GOtv Jolli package also includes channels that will entertain and educate children and teenagers. The GOtv Jolli kids & teens channels has 5 channel lists.

  • DA VINCI TV – channel 66
  • DISNEY JUNIOR – channel 60
  • PBS KIDS – channel 65
  • JIMJAM – 61

GOtv Jolli Music Channels

For music lover, GOtv Jolli got you on the go. GOtv Jolli subscribers are bound to be well entertained. GOtv Jolli package provides channels focusing only on music videos and programs.

  • MTV BASE – channel 72
  • HIP TV – channel 74
  • SOUND CITY – channel 75

GOtv Jolli Local Channels

GOtv Jolli package has a long list of local channels at its disposal. The GOtv Jolli local channels has 21 list of GOtv Jolli channels.

  • TIWAN TIWA – channel 111
  • AIT – channel 93
  • BCOS TV – channel 105
  • BISCON TV – channel 108
  • EBS TV – channel 104
  • GALAXY TV – channel 99
  • ITV BENIN – channel 104
  • LAGOS TV – channel 90
  • LIBERTY TV – channel 110
  • NTA 2 – channel 114
  • NTAi – channel 91
  • OGTV – channel 100
  • ONMAX – channel 96
  • R2TV – channel 112
  • RAVE TV – channel 113
  • RSTV – channel 103
  • SILVERBIRD TV – channel 92
  • SUNNA TV – channel 84
  • WAP TV – channel 102
  • WAZOBIA MAX – channel 98
  • AREWA24 TV – channel 101

GOtv Jolli Religious Channels

Below are list of GOtv Jolli religious channels that provide 24hours of religious content on the GOtv Jolli package.

  • FAITH – channel 80
  • ISLAM CHANNEL – channel 81
  • EMMANUEL TV – channel 82
  • DOVE TV – channel 83

GOtv Jolli Audio Channels

Below is the list of all audio channels on the GOtv Jolli package.

  • NAIJA FM – channel 301
  • WAZOBIA FM – channel 303

Subscribers can get all of these channels as well as many more for just N2,460. In addition to the GOtv Jolli package, GOtv Nigeria offers a number of other less expensive packages with a respectable selection of entertaining channels that will keep users occupied and well-informed.

GOtv SUPA, GOtv MAX, GOtv PLUS, GOtv Jinja, and GOtv Smallie are a few examples of such packages.

Let’s examine the primary differences between GOtv Jolli and GOtv PLUS.

GoTv Jolli Price in Nigeria

In Nigeria, GOtv Jolli subscription cost 2,800 Naira per month and you get access to 65+ channels which include 2 audio stations.

How to renew GOtv Jolli Package?

You must first obtain your GOtv IUC number from your decoder. You can look for the number underneath it.

If this occurs and you are unable to access it, another option is to use your GOtv remote’s Menu button to get to Information Central and then click the Ok button. Check out the GOtv IUC number.

The hardest task is completed once it is attained. Use a reliable payment app now, such as Quickteller, Palmpay, Bank app, or Opay. If you want to pay with Palmpay, go to Bill payment > TV > Choose Government as Biller > Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

As an alternative, you can pay at any of their locations across the country, utilize your bank’s USSD code, or use Internet banking.

Can I Watch BBNAIJA On Gotv Jolli?

Yes, Gotv Jolli offers the popular show BBnaija. Channel 29 should be accessed.

The same is true for other Gotv packages. No matter the package you are on, you can stay up to date with the suspense and excitement.

The Difference Between GOtv Plus and GOtv Jolli

Another inexpensive and accessible GOtv plan that provides a ton of pleasure and excitement is the GOtv Plus package. This plan contains fewer TV and radio channels than the GOtv Jolli package despite being less expensive.

The monthly cost of the GOtv Plus package is N1,900, which is N560 less than the monthly cost of the GOtv Jolli plan, which is N2,460.

GoTv Jolli Channels Vs Jinja

You will like watching some of the channels on GOtv Jolli, including TNT Africa and B4U Movies. Check out the additional GOtv Jolli channels above and select one.

Others include: Disney Junior, Telemundo, Eva+, Zee World, Discovery Family, NatGeo Wild, FOX, CBS Reality, Africa Magic Family, Televista, ROK 3, ROK 2, Super Sport Football, ROK 3, ROK 2, Hip Tv, CNN, and BBC News.

Taking into account that GOtv Jolli costs 1,900 Naira less than Channels on Gotv Jinja while being unable to access all of the aforementioned stations GOtv Jolli over GOtv Jinja is, in my opinion, the best move in this situation. It is by no means comparable to that price differential.

GoTv Jolli Channels Vs Max Vs Supa

GOtv Jolli and GOtv Max have been updated while GOtv Plus has been deprecated. This section of the article serves only to illustrate what the previous settings were.

The GOtv Jolli subscription is situated between the Gotv max and GOtv Plus packages. People’s desire to know whether to downgrade from GOtv Max to GOtv Jolli or upgrade from GOtv Plus to GOtv Jolli makes sense.

However, I will provide you with all the information you require so that you may make an informed choice. If you currently have GOtv Max, you have access to four channels that GOtv Jolli subscribers do not—Super Sport Select 4 and 5, RSTV, and Wasafi Tv.

Additionally, GOtv Jolli subscribers that watch Wazobia TV are able to do so whereas you cannot. So you can choose whether it’s worthwhile to downgrade or not. Do you perceive the price difference between Jolli and Max, keeping in mind that Max costs 4,150 Naira?

For people who are now using GOtv Plus and are unsure whether switching to GOtv Jolli is worthwhile. It’s for you. Currently, the Gotv Supa bundle costs N5,500, which is N2,700 more than GOtv Jolli.

After upgrading to GOtv Supa, you will have access to 80+ stations, including 3 music channels, 6 sports channels, 6 movie channels, and 69 other genre channels.

So now that you have all the information you need, you should be able to determine for yourself which plan is best for you and whether to change from GOtv Max or GOtv Supa to GOtv Jolli in either a downgrade or an upgrade.

Final Thoughts on GoTv Jolli Channels

Choosing between Jolli and Jinja is considerably simpler than choosing between Jolli and Gotv Max, despite the fact that Jolli plan is 1,350 Naira less expensive than Max and only 900 Naira more expensive than Jinja.

For example, Max only has 9 stations more than it although it has 17 channels more than Jinja. Furthermore, you do not want to miss any of those 17 stations because they are excellent simply because they cost 900 Naira.

However, the choice is ultimately up to you. Undoubtedly, you are aware of what is best for you. Simply take the information and figure above into account while making your choice.

Visit quickteller.com/gotv to subscribe, then enter your card information. An OTP will be issued to the phone number associated with your bank account to complete the transaction.

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