Quick Guide On How To Get Started With The Regions Online Banking

Regions Online Banking is an online banking service that makes it easy to bank safely and securely anywhere. With it, you can pay bills, transfer money, and manage your account on the go.

Regions bank offers a full spectrum of online banking services as they are here to make banking better and easier with online and mobile banking features that give you the best online and mobile banking security.

Once you’ve successfully registered and activated your Regions internet banking, you can easily log in to your Regions online banking account to securely access and manage accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and a lot more.

Banking with Regions online makes it easy to carry out transactions on the go, manage all of your Regions bank accounts in one place, from any place using its online banking as well as the Regions Mobile Banking.

This review is how to get started with Regions online bank.

Why Regions Banking Online

With Regions online, banking your way is made easy by allowing you to carry out banking from home which is easy and safe without visiting Regions Online Banking branch.

Next is monitoring your Regions bank accounts all in one place, do transactions like make payments, move money, and more, whenever you want from virtually anywhere in the world.

What information do I need to get started with Regions Online Banking?

Register and activate your Regions banking online, you’ll the following information.

Here is the requirement needed to enroll both personal and business Regions online banking account.

  • Social Security number
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Regions Account Number
  • Tax Identification Number (for business account)
  • ATM/CheckCard Number and PIN
  • Customer Number

Note, If you don’t have a checking or Regions savings account but have a Regions installment loan, CD, IRA, credit card, equity line, or reloadable card, you’ll need your account number and some basic information specific to that your account.

Regions Online Banking

Features and Benefit of Regions internet banking

The following are features and benefit all Regions bank online account owners will enjoy while using Regions online bank service.

  • Pay Bills
  • Get Online Statements
  • Set Alerts and Notifications
  • Send Money with Zelle
  • Control Your Cards
  • To get Regions banks near me and more

Regions online banking Enrollment

Enrollment in the Regions online banking service requires eligible Regions bank account holders before you can get started.

Hence, to enroll in the Regions banking online for both personal and business accounts, you must have either a Social Security or Tax Identification Number or use alternative enrollment procedures available by visiting a Regions bank branch near you.

Note that in the Regions online banking enrolment, there’s no fee to access its online banking service, but definitely, fees may apply to certain products and services offered through Regions online banking platform.

And you must be at least 18 years of age or above to use Regions online bill pay or Zelle service.

Here are the steps on how to enroll in the Regions online banking.

  1. Visit the Regions online banking page
  2. Click on “Enroll in Online Banking” this will take you to the Regions online banking home page.

To get started, please enter the following required information as requested by Regions online platform such as;

  • Enter customer information such as Social Security Number, Email Address, and Phone Number. Please make sure you click the check box that says “Confirm Email” this will enable you confirm your email address by login to your email account to confirm a link that will be sent to you upon registering for the Regions online banking account. Note, if you don’t have Social Security Number, select “I don’t have a Social Security Number” and this will enable you register with “Enrollment ID”.
  • Next, select whether Personal Banking (for Personal Banking, you’ll enter your customer number and the Regions Account Number), Business Banking (for Business Banking, you’ll enter your customer number, Tax Identification Number (TIN) and the Regions Account Number) or Both Personal & Business Banking. (while for both Personal/Business Banking, you’ll enter only customer number and the Regions Account Number). When done, follow the next steps below.
  • Click on Next to continue with “Online Banking Access”. In the Online Banking Access, you’ll have to create a Username (User ID), Password alongside transaction PIN.
  • Next is the “Confirmation Steps”. Here you will have to confirm all details you input to ensure that they’re correctly typed. Please, review carefully and click the “Submit” button.

How to Login to Regions Online Banking

Login to the Regions internet banking account to securely access and manage accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and more. If you’re new to Regions online banking, here is the guideline on how to login to your Regions online banking account:  


Before trying to log in, please check that the “Caps Lock” or “Num Lock” on the phone, tablet, or PC key is off. Also, you may check the box “Remember Me” to enable the device to remember your Regions online ID and Password when next you’re to login.

Now follow these steps below to log in to your Regions online banking account.

  • Go to the Regions online banking login page
  • In the “Existing Online Customers” section, Please enter your “Regions Online ID” to log in
  • Click on “Next” to continue.
  • Now, enter your Regions online banking “Password”
  • Lastly, click the “Login” button.

Note, if entered correctly, will gain access to your Regions online banking dashboard and if incorrect, will prompt you to enter details again or use the forgot Online ID or Password to get your Regions online banking details reset.

Regions Online Transfer Service

Using the Regions online transfer services, you can move your money easily and securely not minding whether it’s internal money transfers or external money transfers.

How to transfer money on Regions online banking. Regions transfer using online banking access gives you the ability to send money with Zelle.

How to Enroll with Zelle by linking your eligible Regions account

Linking your eligible Regions account will enable you to verify your U.S mobile phone number, email address and add your friends and family as contacts using their email or U.S. mobile number to enable you to move money to them.

Moving money is pretty simple once you’ve successfully linked your Regions online banking account. Here, Zelle is simple to use. To get started, follow the steps below:

To transfer money with your Regions online banking account, see steps here.

  • Log in to the Regions Online Banking portal.
  • Sign in using your Regions Online ID and Password.
  • In Payments section, click “Send Money with Zelle®”.
  • Then tap the “Send Money” button.
  • Now, select the recipient, or simply enter the recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Select your eligible funding Regions account.
  • Review transaction details to ensure it’s correct.
  • Tap the “Send” button.

That’s it! Immediately, your recipient will be notified by email or text message that his/her account has been credited in line with the details of the creditor.


Do use carefulness when sending money this is because once you have authorized and made a payment through Zelle, it may not be possible to reverse the payment or recover the funds again.

Regions Online Banking Customer Service Number

If you ever need help with Regions online banking service, here is the Regions online banking phone number 1-800-240-7887. Call and they will assist you with questions or how to open an account.

So whether you are having trouble accessing your Regions online banking account, viewing/managing an account, you can also send them a secure message in online banking by selecting Customer Service so as to access the secure message center.

Also call Regions bank customer service number at 1-800-472-2265, 1-800-REGIONS for assistance.

How to Open a Bank Account Online with Regions

If you open a bank account online with Regions today, you’ll find a wide range of savings and checking accounts, as well as other banking products and services, all aimed at helping you fulfill your financial needs while simplifying your life.

Regions online accounts are categorized into 2 sections which are “Open a Checking Account Online” or “Savings, Money Market and CD Accounts”. These 2 Regions account types contain sub-account under them.

Regions Checking Account Online contains about 6 sub-account types while Savings, Money Market and CD Accounts contain about 5 sub-account types. To open Regions account online, select the account type you wish to open then click “OPEN” follow the onscreen prompt to complete the account opening.

How to reset my Regions Online Banking Details

Your Regions Online ID and Password can easily be retrieved if you ever forgot them. Here is how it works.

Get started retrieving your Regions Online ID

  • Visit the Regions Online banking login page
  • Click on “Forgot Online ID” under the Online ID field.
  • Enter your email address and Social Security Number (must be associated with the account).
  • Click on the “Find Online ID” button.

If the details you provide are correct, your Regions Online ID will be retrieved from the Regions bank database and serve to your mobile phone, tablet, or PC screen.

How to get back my Regions Password if Forgotten

Note: This is for those that have Regions online Social Security Number.

  • Visit the Regions Online banking login page
  • Click on “Forgot Password” under the Online ID field.
  • Enter your Regions Online ID.
  • Select your Regions Account Type
  • Whichever you select, you will be asked to enter Card Number or Regions Account Number.
  • You can enter or asked to show Social Security Number
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • Here, you are to create a new Password and confirm the password
  • Then submit.

How to get my Regions Online banking Password

Use this method if you do not have the Regions Social Security Number.

  • Visit the Regions Online banking login page.
  • Enter your Regions Online ID.
  • Next, enter your Regions Card Number (must be Check Card, ATM Card or Now Card).
  • Enter your PIN in its field and click “Continue”.
  • Create a new Password and confirm the password then submit.

And your Regions online banking password will be changed immediately.

Also note that if you’re a business user and your Regions online banking ID was provided by your organization, you will still need to contact your Company Administrator to reset your password.

How do I check my regions bank account balance Online

To check your Regions account balance online will require you to log in to Regions online banking portal.

Here is how to Log in to Regions Online Banking and check account balance, account number, and more.

To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the Regions Online Banking Login box at the top of the Regions home page at
  • Enter your Online ID.
  • Next, enter your Region Online password
  • On the Regions online account dashboard, select the Regions account you wish to check its balance.
  • Once done, the Regions account balance will be displayed immediately.

Also to know how to find my Regions bank account number online, repeat the above steps and select the Regions bank account in view, all its details including account number, balance, and a summary will be displayed.

How to Unlock Regions Online Banking Account

To activate Regions online banking unlock account, if you know your Regions Online ID and password, you will have to enter it alongside additional information to unlock your security questions.

Carrying out this activity, you’ll be prompted to enter the Regions Social Security number, ATM card/check card number, or PIN straight away after you enter your valid Regions Bank online ID and password, your Regions online banking account will be unlock/unblocked.

How do I change my contact information on Regions Online Platform?

To change or edit your Regions online banking email address, phone number, and other contact details, see the steps beneath:

  • Log in to your Regions online banking account.
  • Choose “Customer Service”.
  • Then go to “Settings” in Regions Online Banking platform.
  • Insert the “New Email” in the available space provided.
  • Verify it’s you trying change details (verification will be sent to the new email address, verify and continue).

NOTE: Keep in mind that updating your Regions account’s details such as email address or phone number in Settings will not affect your preferences for the account-related notifications, SMS banking, or custom account alerts. You can make such changes independently.

How to Edit Your Security Questions and Answers Online

If you ever wish to change your Regions online account security questions and answers online, here is how to get started.

  • Log in to your Regions online account.
  • If successfully logged in to the Regions Online Banking, from the Customer Service tab select “Settings”.
  • Below Contact & Security Info, select “Security Questions”.
  • Now, to change your Regions online account questions or answers, select the edit icon next to your current questions (Note here, you’ll be prompted to answer one current security question before making changes, for your security).
  • Next, you’re to use the drop-down menu to select new security questions.
  • Enter your answer in the “Answer field” then re-enter in the Confirm Password field (please note that letters and numbers are allowed, with one space between. Here, special characters are not accepted and Answers are not case sensitive).
  • Repeat as desired for additional questions or answers then select “Update” to complete your changes.

And you’re done on how to change your Regions online account security questions and answers online.

Is Regions Online Banking Down

Whenever you’re trying login to the online banking platform for and notice is down, this might be as a result of maintenance or updating the Regions online banking service for easy and maximum capability.

Don’t worry, here I will show you a perfect site where you can analized and tell if your Regions online banking website is down or not. To check server status, visit

This website will not only show you if Regions Bank is down but enable you to check all outages, the Regions Bank website status history, server status check.

If you’re having a problem accessing your Regions online banking account, or can’t access Regions Bank, troubleshooting instructions will also be provided via this site.

Asking why my Regions online account is giving problems to log in, I will advise you to go to this site to get hints on how to go about resolving such problems.

Is Regions Online Banking secure?

Yes, Regions online banking is secure as they use encryption on their website to help protect your data whenever you are asked to enter confidential information such as your Regions online ID, password, and personal account data.

They can encrypt or scramble the information between their server and your web browser to create a secret session that only you and the Regions systems can comprehend.

There are various ways to tell if you’ve entered a secure session. You’ve entered an encrypted session if you see an unbroken key or a locked padlock icon at the bottom of your browser screen. In addition, your session is encrypted when it switches from “http” to “https.”

Added to its encryption, Regions safeguard your account information by enforcing access limitations that necessitate the use of an Online ID and password.

To end your session, select Log Out in the upper right corner of the website when you’ve finished your banking (do not use the back button).

The next time you or anyone else tries to see the page, they will be prompted to login in order to view account information.

Close your browser during logoff for increased security, especially if you’re using a computer in a public location like an airport or library.


Here is how you can get started with Regions Online Banking. Banking your way on the go, manage your finances when you want and how you want, from almost anywhere in the world.

I believe you find this article? Please do share to help others. If there’s any question or suggestion you have about this topic, do share it in the comment box below. I promise to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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