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How To Use FCMB Cardless Withdrawal

This guide about how to use FCMB cardless withdrawal lets you know how to withdraw from FCMB ATM without card. Therefore, if you are here looking forward to knowing how to activate cardless withdrawal with the First City Monument Bank of Nigeria (FCMB), you landed on the right page.

I am pleased to let you know that you can now make your POS transactions, withdraw cash using your fingerprints, or pick up cash from any ATM in Nigeria that’s cardless enabled without using your FCMB Debit card.

All you need to do is generate Paycode Token/Reference Number/E-Token/ Withdrawal Code. You can also send the Withdrawal Code alongside Cash-Out PIN to your friends and family anywhere in Nigeria to get cash from any ATM without using card.

Please, do note that the First City Monument Bank permit cardless withdrawal limit is N20,000, this implies that you cannot withdraw more than N20,000 at once and there is a withdrawal charge of N100 per transaction.

With respect to this, you will be learning how to do cardless withdrawal FCMB in 3 different ways, which are as follows:

How To Withdraw Money Without ATM Card FCMB

Here is how to withdraw money from an FCMB account using any bank ATM that features cardless withdrawal without card.

How To Use FCMB Cardless Withdrawal

Withdraw Cash From Any ATM Without A Card Using FCMB Online Banking

 With FCMB Internet Banking, you and your loved ones can withdraw money from the ATM without the FCMB debit card.

If you’ve ever been in this situation where you urgently need cash but do not have your debit card with you or let’s say you want to send money to someone who does not have an ATM card to urgently help get something you seriously need.

Don’t worry; you can now pick up cash from any ATM in Nigeria that supports cardless withdrawal without using your FCMB Debit card. To get started, here’s the step by step guideline:

  • Simply login to FCMBOnline, enter your Username and Password.
  • Click on “Cardless Cash” and select “Cardless”.
  • Complete the information in the tabs then click “Generate Paycode Token”.
  • Visit any cardless enabled ATM, press “Enter” and select the “Paycode Cashout Option”.
  • Insert the 8-14-digit withdrawal code received on your registered phone number or email.
  • Insert 4-digit Cash-Out PIN created.
  • Insert the amount.
  • Lastly, click Submit.

And that’s all. It’s that simple right?

FCMB Fingerprint Withdrawal without ATM card

If you need cash from the ATM and no card, don’t worry. You can now withdraw cash from selected FCMB ATMs using your fingerprint. This seems to be more secured and removes the need to carry your FCMB debit card around anymore.

Below is how to withdraw cash using your fingerprints on any of the selected FCMB ATMs:

  • Go to the FCMB ATM and initiate the Cardless menu.
  • Select the Fingerprint Withdrawal option.
  • Input your Account Number (NUBAN).
  • Place your right thumb on the fingerprint scanner for 7 seconds and press “proceed.”
  • Input amount to withdraw.
  • Withdraw your cash.

You can also check out the List Of FCMB Branches And ATMs That Support Fingerprint Withdrawal.

FCMB POS cardless Transactions

With the FCMB POS cardless Transactions, performing POS payments without your FCMB debit card is now possible. It enables you to carry out transactions without physically touching the POS device (machine) or even using your FCMB card.

This is an important step in reducing engagement with high-contact surfaces like a POS keypad, particularly considering COVID-19’s continued spread.

When you want to pay for goods or services from your FCMB account and notice that you’re not with the debit card, follow these steps to pay on the POS terminal with your FCMB debit card.

  • Cashier Selects “Pay with USSD” on the POS.
  • Cashier enters the amount.
  • Reference code is generated and displayed on cahier’s POS terminal.
  • You the account owner paying for goods or services dial *329*000*Reference Code# (Note, must match the one generate by the POS agent).
  • Authenticate transaction by entering your FCMB USSD transaction PIN
  • If the transaction is approved, and POS Terminal prints approved receipt. That’s all!

Please note this, if the Reference Code gives you an error message like “Record not found”; here is the cause;

When the Cashier generates a Reference Code for you and you don’t use it within 5 minutes, the POS terminal will display “Record not found” or “Transaction doesn’t exist”.

What to do is therefore, the Cashier will need to generate a new code again.

Also, if the transaction gives an error on your phone when trying to pay, yet your account was debited, not to worry, if this happens, the funds will be reversed immediately.

However, if it is not reversed, please log a complaint on FCMB New Mobile App, FCMB internet banking, or visit the nearest FCMB branch.

How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Card Via FCMB Mobile App

This approach is only available to FCMB customers. If you forget your ATM card or are in an area where there is FCMB or other ATMs and needed to withdraw, you can use this service.

Then apply this technique outlined below. It is compatible with both FCMB and other banks’ ATMs (Please read this guide if you haven’t activated your FCMB mobile banking app).

Here is how to withdraw money from your FCMB bank account using FCMB or any bank ATM without a card via the FCMB mobile app.

  • Login to FCMB mobile app.
  • Click on “Cardless Cash”.
  • Select “Cardless”.
  • Ensure you complete the information in the tabs then click “Generate Paycode Token”.
  • Now, visit any ATM, press the “Enter” key and select “Paycode Cashout” option.
  • Insert the 8-14-digit withdrawal paycode you received.
  • Insert your 4-digit Cash-Out PIN created.
  • Insert the amount, and click submit.

What Is The FCMB Cardless Withdrawal USSD Code

This service is coming soon to the USSD, do come visiting this page frequently to get updates about how to withdraw cash from the FCMB account cardlessly using FCMB USSD code.

With the above mentioned, you can withdraw cash from your FCMB account with any ATM in Nigeria without a card. All you need to do is follow this guide above and of course, the one that suits you.

Don’t be afraid again, if you are not with your FCMB debit card, there is a way that you can withdraw cash from any ATM in Nigeria.

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