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How to Generate Fidelity Bank Token

Are looking forward to knowing how to get Fidelity Bank Token? Don’t worry, in the guide I will work you through how to get started.

Creating the Fidelity bank token PIN will be one of the first things to do if you do want to perform transactions with your Fidelity mobile app alongside the internet banking platform.

Asking how I can get the Fidelity soft token authentication PIN, there are two procedures to acquire this, one; using the Fidelity mobile banking app, two; by visiting the nearest Fidelity bank branch to get the token in person.

However, know that you only need to create just one token PIN using mobile banking app to facilitate a quick transaction, otherwise you’re required to visit the nearest Fidelity bank branch to get your soft/hard token due to some reasons.

In this guide, I will be sharing here the steps that will work you through how to set up and maintain your Fidelity Soft Token Authentication PIN with Fidelity Bank Plc.

Good news for those with iOS devices, this app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

What is Fidelity Bank Token?

The Fidelity soft tokens or hardware tokens are an additional security measure to protect your Fidelity bank account when carrying out transactions using the Fidelity internet banking service or her mobile banking app.

To get started, the Fidelity Soft/hard token must be activated before it can be used for login purposes. So if you’ve registered with the Fidelity mobile banking service, this guide will get you started on how to generate the Fidelity bank token.

But before using the Fidelity token, know that you’ll have to register for the Fidelity internet banking service first so as for you to use its token on your mobile banking app.

How to Get Fidelity Bank Token

Types of Fidelity Token

The Fidelity token is of 2 types, they are as follows:

  • Soft Token
  • Hard Token

Fidelity Bank Soft Token

This is just like the One-Time Password (OTP) you get when performing online transactions using your Fidelity bank account or getting Fidelity token app download and installed on your mobile device (phones).

In this, there will be a validity period within which you are allowed to use the token after being generated, failure to do this at the estimated time will generate another one.

To generate the Fidelity soft token PIN, will require you to download the token app on your phone, get it installed and then connect it via the internet.

Fidelity Bank Hard Token

You will need to apply for the Fidelity hard token in any of its branches. Just like the soft token, the hard token is an authentication PIN you will need to confirm outgoing transactions from your Fidelity bank account.

Fidelity bank token does not have a validity period as you can use it anytime. i.e does not have to expire like the soft token.

Requirements needed to create the Fidelity Token transaction PIN

You will need the following before attempting to create a Fidelity bank authentication code (PIN):

  • Fidelity bank internet banking details.
  • Fidelity bank details such as account number, ATM card, and account name.
  • Mobile phone number linked to your Fidelity bank account.
  • Smartphone (Android or iOS).
  • Internet connection.

How To Download Fidelity Token App

To download and install the Fidelity token authentication app on your smartphone, do the following:

Note that Android users are to download Fidelity token app on Google Play Store while iOS users should download it from App Store.

Here’s how to download the Fidelity bank token app.

  • Visit your phones store
  • In the search bar on your phones store, type in “Fidelity Bank Token App”.
  • Select the Fidelity Token App which will definitely be the first result.
  • To install the Fidelity Bank Token Authentication Code App, click on “Install” button.
  • Wait for some few minutes as the Fidelity Token App is downloading to install
  • After the downloading and installation of the App is complete on your phone, you’ll receive a notification.

And next will be activating your Fidelity Bank Token App.

How To Activate Fidelity Bank Token App

To get the Fidelity Token authentication PIN activated, simply login to the Fidelity Token app using your Fidelity Online Banking details.

Once logged in, the Fidelity Token app will authenticate your mobile phone and also request that you provide answers to any of your secret questions.

Following the Fidelity Token app onscreen guide, you’ll get your token app activated within no time.

How to generate Fidelity Bank Token

Anytime you’re to perform transactions online or via a third-party website using your Fidelity bank account, there will be a need for you to generate the Fidelity bank token PIN so as to verify transactions.

To get the Fidelity Bank Token PIN, here’s the simplest step by step guide I have made on how to generate a Fidelity Token authentication PIN:

  • Load your Fidelity Token App
  • Login with your Fidelity Internet Banking Credentials
  • At this point, the Fidelity Token app will be authenticating with your mobile phone linked with the account.
  • This will request that you provide an answer to any of your secret questions.
  • After that, the FIDELITY TOKEN PIN will be generated and can now be use to verify pending transaction(s).

Why using the Fidelity Bank Token?

The following are why Fidelity Bank Token is important:

Why is Fidelity Token use to Verify Transactions

This is to protect yourself when transacting online by validating your transactions on your mobile app, such as fund transfers, bill payments, and airtime recharge.

So, to complete the purchase, confirm the details and enter your secure One Time Passcode (OTP) before the money will leave your Fidelity account.

Steps in Activating Your Fidelity Soft Token

Simply login to the Fidelity Token app with your Fidelity Online Banking credentials to activate the Fidelity Token. Once you’ve logged in, the app will verify your phone’s authenticity and ask you to answer any of your hidden questions.

Why is the Fidelity Token Create?

Fidelity Token was created to be a simple solution for your transactions. Simply enter your PIN, and the one-time password is instantly available to finish your purchases.

If you’re using the Fidelity Online Banking app, you can quickly copy and paste the eight-digit token answer.

How much is Fidelity Bank Token Charge?

You will be charged N1,500 + 5% VAT when you activate your token for the first time. However, in accordance with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s mandate, this is a one-time charge for your token.

Also, note that reinstallation or reactivation of the Fidelity token again will be free in the future.


The Fidelity Bank Token App is a cutting-edge second-factor authentication mobile app that allows Fidelity Online Banking users to safeguard all transactions using their Android or iOS smartphones.

In respect to this, it is no longer necessary to carry a hardware token device anywhere should in case you’re to perform a transaction(s) online, your smartphone can do that for you easily.

For more information about the Fidelity Bank Token, please call True Serve on +234 1 448 5252 or email

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