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A Complete Review You Should Know About The Samsung Smartphones – Series, Families, and Line up

Are you looking to get that new Samsung phone you saw on TV just the other day? Do you want to clutch that sleek phone and make all your friends say “wow!!! Your phone is so cool”, or do you want to just enjoy the amazing features of a high-quality phone? Well if you want either of these things, then this article is just right for you.

Samsung is not a new name to our TVs, lips, society, or household. I am sure you must have come across it somewhere except you’ve been living on the moon, and only recently just landed on earth.

A plethora of popular android smartphones from different manufacturers exist in the world today, but in most areas, Samsung stands above them like a god amongst men.

Samsung is the biggest electronics company in the world; they don’t only manufacture phones but also other electronic devices. Samsung is a giant brand with a strong influence on its vast number of conglomerates.

The company releases cool smartphones every year with cool features. Each phone is attached to its household name or category, and they are a bit tricky to recognize.

By the end of this article, you should get all the information to help you optimize your buying decision when choosing the Samsung mobile phone as your brand.

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Who is Samsung?

First, let us talk about Samsung phones. Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul. He started Samsung as a multi-company that is involved in so many things including food, insurance, retail, and others. It was until the late 1960s that Samsung ventured into electronics. Samsung first started manufacturing black and white TV’s.

In 1988, the first Samsung phone was out. The infamous SH-100 was like the regular mobile phones that existed in the 80s. The body was thick, it was shaped like a rectangular box with a rubber antenna attached to it.

The war for continued as many other phone manufacturers too wanted to be on top, but Samsung persisted. By 2007, Samsung was the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones, but they were still far behind Nokia who were in the climax of their moment.

Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, and that sparked up the beginning of smartphones. It was in the same year that Samsung launched a series of its first smartphones with different types of OS (operating system) which are: Symbian, Windows, and its very own operating in-house operating system which did not last for long.

In 2010 Samsung hit the jackpot with the Galaxy S phone that came with an Android operating system. They continued to release phones that run on the Android OS each year and quickly climbed to the top.

In 2012, Samsung officially became the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer.  Samsung does not just make only portable phones, they also produce tablets. The mobile tablet is dominated by the Apple’s iPad, and if there’s an android based tablet that is following closely behind it, then it is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series.

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Samsung Smartphones Families, Series, and Line-up

The Samsung smartphones reviews, it Families, Series, and Line-up

Samsung offers 5 major families of their smartphones. There are other phones that Samsung still produces that are not smartphones. For example, they still manufacture the Samsung W line. But we are not going to talk about that now, we’ be talking about the major family of Samsung smartphone you want and admire. Follow me, let’s dive in:

Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S line is the most prized possession of the Samsung mobile division. When you are talking about smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S line is adorned by many smartphone enthusiasts. The phones in this line are very powerful and usually get released with awesome camera pixels.

In 2020, the Samsung S20 is the companies most prized phone, it makes almost every other smartphone from other brands look like a joke. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra as an addition to its collection. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra stands tall above them all, and it’s the most expensive.

Samsung works closely with Qualcomm to release the most recent chipset of that year. So if a new Samsung Galaxy S series is out, it will undoubtedly have the latest and fastest chipset for that year. Every year, Samsung S series contends strongly as the best smartphone, in fact, the Galaxy S4 is the best-selling smartphone of all time.

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Samsung Galaxy Note

When this family line of Samsung mobile division started, it was mocked by mobile critics. They just didn’t buy the idea of creating an enormous phone with an in-built stylus. They thought it was crazy. 

But over time, Samsung came out on top with the built-in stylus feature. The Samsung Galaxy Note has been known to use words like “premium” and “elite”.

In the past years, the Samsung Galaxy Note series used to be very different from the Galaxy S series in size, spec, design, and features, but now both phones bear similarities between themselves.

The most distinct difference between the two series is that the Samsung Galaxy Note has an S pen. In 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Note has two variants, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The Note 20 Plus was not released this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 shares some of the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and even upgrade in some aspects. The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 connotes power to the user, and it is awesome.

Samsung Galaxy Z

The Samsung Galaxy Z series is the newest addition to the Samsung series. It is the first Samsung phone to feature a foldable display. The first phone in this series is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but Samsung Galaxy Fold has been added to this collection and this makes it the first Samsung phone to feature a foldable display.

There are two types of foldable Samsung phones: there’s one that looks like a normal phone even after it has been folded, and it looks like a tab after it has been unfolded. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has this feature. The second type of foldable Samsung phone is when the phone is unfolded to look like a normal phone and this is exactly what the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has.

These phones are very expensive because of the advanced technology used to manufacture them and since this foldable technology is still new, it is not certain how durable the phone really is. If you are looking for a fancy cutting edge technology, the Samsung Galaxy Z is where you go to.

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Samsung Galaxy A

Samsung has recognized that not everyone can afford the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Z series, that is why they sort out to produce something less expensive, and that is the Samsung Galaxy A series. This series has weaker specs when compared to those of its older siblings, but they have great design and come in cheap.

In 2020, the Samsung Galaxy A series has become one of the best-selling Android phones. The highest phone on the line is the Samsung Galaxy A71G which has high specs, good camera quality, supports 5G, and it is a little expensive. It is not as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy M

The Samsung Galaxy M series is specifically for people who don’t have the luxury to buy flagship or mid-range phones. The device is unique and that is why you can only get it online. The phones are pretty cheap and can be compared to the lower range of the Samsung Galaxy A series.

They can be used by users who don’t want to get an expensive phone because they are scared I might drop and break. This series is very new, and they don’t have a lot of variants in this family yet.

Global Availability

Where you find yourself, it is definitely easy to find yourself a Samsung phone.  Although some places might not get the stock of the most recently released Samsung phones, but it’ll come, and you can order it online on every online mobile store.


This article aims to tell you more about Samsung phones and what makes them special. The family of Samsung smartphones was listed in the order of quality.

The Samsung Galaxy S series stands in the front as the highest high-spec family of Samsung smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy M series stands as the least.

Is there any question you will like to ask about the Samsung phones, lets get it right here in the comment box below and get it answered as soon as possible.

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