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How To Check Airtel Number In 2021

To check Airtel number is never a big deal should in case you don’t know how to do so. Is obvious many seem not to know how to check their Airtel mobile number offhand.

If you’re among this set of people that do ask questions like “how to check my Airtel number”, ask no more because I will be showing you the different ways on how to know Airtel number.

After writing an update on how to check MTN number, I receive so much feedback asking what of that of Airtel. This makes to promise them that am going to write how to get Airtel number soon.

And now is it. After reading this article, you’ll realize that how to check mobile number in Airtel is never a big deal as I earlier said.

So, if you’re looking to know how to find Airtel number, all the information you needed to know on how to check your Airtel number is contained here. Let’s get started!

To check Airtel number, simply dial *121#, reply with 3 and then reply again with 4. Automatically, your Airtel number is been displayed on the phone’s screen.

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How To Check Airtel Number

There are several ways to know your Airtel mobile number. Here, am going to discuss them all. See the following steps on how to get your Airtel number:

How To Check Airtel Number

USSD Code to Check Airtel Number

The USSD code to know your Airtel number is *121#. To check Airtel number using a USSD code, simply dial *121#, reply to the prompt with option 3 “Manage My Account”, lastly you’re to select option 4 “My Number”.

If done correctly, immediately a pop-up message will appear on your phone’s screen with your Airtel number.

How to get your Airtel Number dialing another number

This is another trick you can use to know your Airtel number. Note that if you don’t have a call credit it wouldn’t work for you.

So, you are advised to get recharge your Airtel SIM with at most N100 call credit if you don’t have any.

Get to your friends, neighbors, family members, or anyone close to you. Ask from any their mobile number, then use that of yours and flash it and your Airtel number will appear the number you just flashed.

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Contact Customer Care to get your Airtel Number

Another method on how to check Airtel’s number is by contacting Airtel customer care. With them, you can find Airtel’s number registered on the Airtel network.

First, use Airtel’s 24 hours toll-free Call Centre, just dial 111, follow the prompt to speak to an Airtel customer care representative, and ask how to know your Airtel number.

Note, you’ll be asked some questions to enable them to know that you are the rightful owner of the Airtel number in question.

Still, asking how to check my Airtel number? Contact Airtel customer care service on the following contact details below:


I believe that I have discussed everything you should know about how to check Airtel number and that you find them helpful.

Thanks for your time reading through and don’t forget to share to help other also.

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