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A Complete Review About The Ecotech Fuelless Generator – Installation, Pricing, Components, Units, and More

One of the factors that determine the progress of a country is the availability of power supply and effective distribution of electricity. This is because there are a lot of sectors in the country that needs the power to run like the Agricultural sector, Banking sector, Health sector, and others.

However, most countries still depend on fossil fuel generators to supply power. Over the years, there has been a continuous depletion in the ozone layer of the earth, this is caused by the increase in pollution.

This is why there is a need to move from the era of using fossil fuel to power generators to a time where fuelless generators will be used. A fuelless generator is a type of generator that is able to generate power without the normal combustion mechanism that needs fossil fuel or any other means.

The Ecotech fuelless generators among the types of fuelless generators we have today. In this article, we’re going to write about all the information you should know about the Ecotech fuelless generator.

What is Ecotech Fuelless Generator

Complete review about the Ecotech fuelless generator

This new technology started its manufacturing in South Korea. And in Nigeria, the Ecotech company is located in Jos, Plateau State. They specialize in the building of a fuelless generator, this fuelless generator is produce and made up of a DC motor, alternator, and a battery, it parts works together to generate electricity without the use of fuel, diesel or any other means.

Ecotech fuelless generator doesn’t need any form of fuel like petrol, diesel for powering it. The generator comes as an inverter box and it has batteries and a charger.

Ecotech brand of fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn’t have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise.

Instead of an engine, it has a DC motor which is powered by a 12volts, 1000Amps and above motor battery and recharges self while operating. This generator generates up to 7.5Kva which is capable of supplying power to your home, office or shop.

Here are some of the equipment you can use with the Ecotech fuelless generator:

  • A 6hp Air condition
  • 3 refrigerators
  • Electric cooker
  • Electric iron
  • Microwave
  • Thermocool freezer
  • Television sets
  • Audio sound systems or its equivalent.

In order not to overuse and overheat the Ecotech fuelless generator, it is advisable to switch off the generator for up to 2 hours after using it for about 22hours or more so you can continue enjoying your safe, noiseless, and fuelless power supply all time.

Please Note this

How Does The Ecotech Fuelless Generator Work

It works just like every other fuelless generator, Ecotech fuelless generator unlike every other generator doesn’t have an engine which consumes fuel, diesel or gas and doesn’t make noise. Instead of an engine, Ecotech fuel less generator has a DC motor which is powered by a 12volts 1000Amps or even above with a motor battery and recharges self while operating.

What can it power?

Ecotech fuelless generator generates up to 7.5Kva power capacity and even above that depending on the compounds yours featured.

With this, you can use it to power the following gadgets/appliances like A 6hp, Air condition, refrigerators/freezer, electric cooker, electric iron, microwave, television sets, audio sound systems, and its equivalent appliances at home, office, or shop.

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 Features of  Ecotech Fuelless Generator

  • It requires an initial current to run 
  • It doesn’t use any fuel
  • It has no externally moving parts
  • It generates a higher current
  • It is not yet in mass production

Units and Components

Ecotech Fuelless generator consists of five different units; the power supply, conversion, control, output, and charging units while the components parts include 12V battery, D.C motor, alternator, connecting shaft, bolts and nuts, transformer, diode, and noise damper.

The result of the performance evaluation of the fuel-less power generating set shows that the machine has an average efficiency of 56.43% at a load of 600W for continuous operation. The peak efficiency of the constructed fuel-less power generating set was 89.1% at a load of 100W.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Ecotech Fuelless Generator

See the following advantages and disadvantages on what you should know about Ecotech fuelless generator before making a purchase:


  • Low cost of operation: The Ecotech fuelless generator has a low cost of operation when compared to what we have in the fossil fuel generator. You don’t have to spend your money on buying fuel to power the generator again.
  • Noiseless Generator: Most of the generators we have out there are very noisy, especially the ones that have been bought for a while. This noise from the generator can be very disturbing and annoying, but with the Ecotech fuelless generator, you won’t be disturbed by noise. The generator runs silently with no noise.
  • Environmental friendly: The Ecotech fuelless generator is environmentally friendly. The fuel generator produces a lot of smoke which is hazardous to the health of humans. The smoke produced by these generators also depletes the ozone layer which is bad for the environment. The Ecotech generator does not produce any form of smoke and it safe to use in the environment. The generator can even be placed inside the house and there won’t be any issues with it.
  • Automated Generator: The ecotech generator is an automated generator. Once it is connected to the home or place where it is to be used, if there is light supply the generator will stop working by itself and start charging. In a case where there is shortage of power, the generator starts working itself. However, the user can turn off the generator anytime.


  • Reduced efficiency over time: With the way the generator is built, there is chances that after a while the efficiency of the device will be reduced. In such a case, the generator won’t last long anymore and might be able to power many appliances
  • Short time out: The device cannot run for a long time without going off. The generator works based on the principle of charge and use, so once the battery is out of power, the unit will go off.


Once you have ordered the generator, it will be delivered to you and an engineer will be sent along to install it for you and also teach you some of the basic thing you may need to know when operating your Ecotech generator.


The Ecotech company offers its users a 24-month warranty on the product they buy from them. The battery of the generator is also included in the warranty. The warranty offered by the company covers the faulty parts and defective workmanship.

This warranty does not cover misuse, incorrect or irregular maintenance, and accidents during use. If the product or part it is faulty, it has to be sent back to the company for checking, a copy of the tax invoice is to be added to the generator while sending it back.

Once the item or part it is tested and is faulty, it will be repaired or replaced under the warranty given by the company. The Ecotech Company is responsible for all the cost of transportation it will take to send the product back to them.

And once the repair has been done on the product, they will be the ones to send it back to the customer with the cost of transportation paid by them.

Where to buy the Ecotech Fuelless Generator

The generator is available for sale on online stores like Konga, Jumia, and others, you can also purchase the device directly from the manufacturer on their official site.


The price of the Ecotechfuellessgenerator depends on the size and capacity of the types of Ecotech fuelless generator you are buying which may either starts as low as N45,000 and go higher to N99,500 or even above.

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There are a lot of brand out there producing fuelless generator and one of them is Ecotech which we have just finished talking about in this article.

This fuelless generator is a new way of generating power for your home, shop, etc for a cheap amount.

The system is very cost-effective and the generators are affordable. I recommend this generator to anyone looking for another means of generating power without the use of fuel, diesel, and others.

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  • Hw much price does d smallest one we cost me ND can it carry all my shop load like game house

    • Glory Ogaji

      How can I get the generator?

    • Mustermann

      This is a closed to a fraud, that thing is no generator, its like a UPS a battery charged from Nepa and when Nepa is gone it gives for some time some power back. So it is technically an energy storage and NOT a generator. The way its described is very awkward and lets believe that the efficiency is very poor and the people selling it dont know what they are talking about. So check for yourself better three times before you consider purchasing such a thing. There are other energy storage devices from people who do not need to name their product technically wrong. Watch and protect yourself. A German Senior Mechanical Design Engineer with experience in the generator field (including in Nigeria) is giving this advice.

      • Godfrey Oku

        This sounds great to be true but I believe it could work! But based on my experience, don’t send money to anyone posing online as a representative to Echotech. Nobody whatsoever! You will be duped!
        I transferred #200k and has nothing to show for it except demands for more money!

        • Godfrey Oku is saying the truth don’t send money to anyone claiming to be delear with Ecotech Fuelless Generator.

        • We have paid almost #200k to one Mr Francis claiming he his the director. He has failed to show up.

          • Gabriel Momoh Idoga

            In the same way I have paid over 200k to the same Francis using one Isaac Giwa’s account with first bank. I made the payment on 30th November 2022.
            Is there anything we can do to recover our money?

          • We’re not affiliate with any ECotech Fulless Generator company. We just write a review on that said fuelless Generator.

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    Can the manufacturer/distributors of this product(s) avail prospective buyers with reviews from existing users please!

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  • akpoblokemi dubamokumo

    what is the cost of a 10kva ecotech fuelless generator in suleja niger state, Nigeria?

    • In getting the price of 10KVA Ecotech Fuelless generator at Suleja Niger State, you will have to get in touch with any of the Fuelless Generator dealers in the area and carry out your market survey.

      You can also navigate our blog to compare the price of the Fuelless generator we have written about.

      Thanks and best regard.

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        Please, can you share the official website or contact of the manufacturer with me, so I can reachout to get one urgently.
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